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Our Love Story with the Beautiful Seychelles Islands

Former tourism specialist, Roger Porter-Butler, and his wife, Joan, revisit their fondest memories of Seychelles, their little corner of paradise since 2011.

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  1. In 1978 when tourism was new to the Indian Ocean destination, Roger was instantly charmed by the beautiful islands of Seychelles.
  2. He promised himself that he would return to walk the deserted beach of Anse Lazio on Praslin.
  3. It would not be until 2011 that he would return with his wife 10 years after they were married.

Seated in their cozy living room in Somerset in the Southwest of England, Roger and Joan Porter-Butler, a retired British couple, met with a Seychelles team on a Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting, conducted via the online platform zoom, courtesy of COVID-19 and its travel restrictions, was one of those once-in-a-lifetime encounters, transporting the writers through the beautiful love story of the Porter-Butlers with Seychelles.

Roger recounted his first memories of Seychelles back in 1978 when tourism was new to the Indian Ocean destination – the airport having just opened in 1972. Roger recalled with much emotion that he was charmed by the virginal state of the beautiful islands and being particularly mesmerized by Anse Lazio with its powder-soft sands framed by imposing granite boulders. 

“My first visit in Seychelles lasted for 2 weeks and I was excited about being in such a beautiful place, especially having Anse Lazio beach on Praslin to myself for a whole day. That is when I promised myself I would return to walk on this deserted beach again,” said Roger.

“Being in the travel industry and traveling the world, I kept the memories of Seychelles dear in my heart and I knew I would return.”

The years passed but Roger never forgot about Seychelles, and in 2011, a decade after marrying his beautiful wife, Joan, he took her on a trip to what would become one of their favorite destinations.

The couple decided to discover another wonder of Seychelles, settling this time for the island of Ste Anne and during the trip, they celebrated the 10-year milestone in their relationship at the Four Seasons hotel on Mahé.

Reminiscing, Roger and Joan spoke affectionately about their visit to Moyenne Island, a 24-acre island that forms part of the Sainte Anne National Park, where they met with Brendon Grimshaw, a former British newspaper editor, who owned the island at the time.

Mr Grimshaw signed his book “A Grain of Sand” with a special note to the couple inviting them again during their future visits.  

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