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From Italia Trasporto Aereo Airline to Alitalia Loyalty Rewards

The possible indirect agreement with ITA

Is an agreement with ITA possible? In theory, yes, said Lazzerini. In fact, the EU prohibits the direct transfer of Loyalty from Alitalia to ITA. But it does not block the possibility for a third company that wins the loyalty program to subsequently enter into an agreement with the new ITA, bringing as a dowry the approximately 5 million customers, their contacts, and details considered interesting from a commercial point of view. This is a step that will take place only at the conclusion of the sale announcement, which, at present, could take a few months.

Do loyalty rewards need to be used before Alitalia is gone?

As ITA says goodbye to the Alitalia loyalty card program, is it worth it to use the accumulated miles now? According to several experts consulted by Corriere.it, the loyalty card situation could be an advantageous solution, because it would allow to reduce (or reset) the number of miles on the owner of loyalty card and, therefore, also exposure to a new owner.

It is suggested, however, to use these miles by October 14, the last day of activity scheduled for Alitalia. This is because the new ITA airline should take off from October 15.

The government’s 100 million EU repayment program

What if the miles have not been used for flights by October 15? Lazzerini said that in theory, at that point the reimbursement and re-routing program of the government should take over, which has allocated 100 million euros to meet all those passengers who have purchased a ticket with Alitalia for travel after October 14.

This is because those who used the miles for flights, when Alitalia will no longer be there, still has a ticket with initial numbering 055 in their hands. But the details of this measure to protect consumers will be known when the Ministry of Economic Development publishes the lines intervention.

The option of Air France or KLM or Delta Air Lines loyalty programs

Can miles be loaded onto other loyalty cards? This is among the options suggested by the experts. Since it is not known who will run out of loyalty rewards, the traveler of an Alitalia ticket could choose where to credit the miles generated by the flight, again by October 14 with an Italian company within the SkyTeam alliance and having different code-share connection agreements. MilleMiglia points could, for example, be loaded – if required by the agreements – on the loyalty programs of Air France or KLM or Delta Air Lines. At that point, the traveler could later redeem the award travel with those companies’ programs.

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