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Italy Tourism Relaunch: Emerging Post-Pandemic Hope

The Basilicata Region is capitalizing on the image promoted by Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 and on the G20 of 2021 attended by powerful politicians from around the globe. The G20 Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Meeting was held in Matera, a European capital of culture rated as a 5-star world tourist destination from June 28-29, 2021.

Luigi Di Maio, Italy Foreign Minister, said that for the first time, Italy chaired the G20 in what was perhaps the most anticipated meeting. From Matera, where the meeting of the G20 Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Development took place, Di Maio underlined: “In Italy, there had never been the G20. It is the first time that hundred[s of] ministers and international delegations from the world gather[ed] here. And today, for the first time in the history of the G20, the Foreign Ministerial approve[d] conclusions regarding food security.

“We need multi-lateralism; we need to cooperate with other countries to deal with the effects of this pandemic. Food safety … helps families overwhelmed by the economic crisis caused by this pandemic both in our countries, but especially in developing countries.”

The choice of Matera was not accidental and not based solely on the fact that it is a setting of extraordinary beauty. Italy is the “Mediterranean lane” of Europe, and the South is geographically the heart of this “lane.” All of this contributes to Italy Tourism relaunch.

How MICE industry will help Italy Tourism relaunch.

Matera in MICE Version

On the occasion of the Matera Capital of Culture 2019, a modular auditorium (La Serra) was built that can accommodate up to 1,000 people theatre style, an arena with 7,000 seats for shows and popular events, and a service center. It attracted 4 million visitors in its celebratory year.

Besides hosting international exhibitions, concerts, and shows, this area will be the most modern and fascinating venue in Italy for conventions and business meetings, new product launches, and conferences, as well as the ideal setting for television and film formats.


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