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Italy Tourism Relaunch: Emerging Post-Pandemic Hope

The senator’s vision is for the establishment of a protected marina and for sustainable tourism to create continuity of flows throughout the four seasons, in addition to the development of wedding tourism for the benefit of hospitality infrastructures. This would include starred hotels and B&Bs to prosper from the income generated in this particular sector. The senator reiterated that it is important to have a vision.

Senator Pepe is focused on tourism GDP data, which in Italy is worth 14 percent over the related industries. Hence there is a need to invest to repay the workers who are suffering today due to the pandemic. He will urge today’s economic strengthening for a better future and to “invest” not to “merely spend” the billions granted by the European Union. He spurs hope that he believes to be a symbol of entrepreneurship and stability during this Italy Tourism relaunch.

Biagio Salerno, President of the Consortium, on behalf of its associates ensures a flexible hotel booking system or as close to the needs of the guests as possible, and “human contact” synonymous with assistance including guaranteeing a swab to those who have not done so before reaching Maratea.

Italy Tourism Relaunch welcomed with open arms.

Basilicata: Free to Move

Free to move (as in freedom of movement) is the slogan created by APT (Azienda Promozione Turistica) for the 2021 season. An inspiration, perhaps coming from the recent transport planning of Basilicata for the summer of 2021 by the Trenitalia railway system. An agreement with the tourist consortium of Maratea provides for Trenitalia travelers who will stay overnight in one of the participating hotels, the reimbursement of the travel ticket with discounts which vary by category and season.

This promotion is linked to positioning the destination without borders in which the spaces of nature and the territory allow freedom to move, the main feature of the offer, explained Antonio Nicoletti, APT Director. This is quite a unique and inventive way to spur the Italy Tourism relaunch.

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