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Kiribati keeps borders closed but hospitality training in full swing


Kiribati, officially the Republic of Kiribati, is an independent island nation approximately 1900 miles from Hawaii, in the central Pacific Ocean. The permanent population is over 119,000, more than half of whom live on Tarawa Atoll. The state comprises 32 atolls and one raised coral island, Banaba.

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  1. The Tourism Authority of Kiribati (TAK) has begun its Kiribati Tourism & Hospitality Protocols for the New Normal training for hotel and tourism service operators across the islands.
  2. Developed through consultation with the Ministry of Health & Medical Services (MHMS), World Health Organisation (WHO), relevant government ministries, Kiribati Chamber of Commerce, and Industry (KCCI), tourism operators, and local training institutions, the protocols provide Kiribati tourism and hospitality operators detailed COVID-19 operational safety guidelines.
  3. Whilst there is no definitive schedule on when Kiribati’s international borders will re-open, the protocols are based on possible re-opening scenarios with safety procedures to protect visitors, tourism businesses and the public from COVID-19.

Conducted on the back of Kiribati’s vaccination program, the Kiribati Tourism & Hospitality Protocols for the New Normal includes tourism COVID-19 safety protocols for transport, hotel & accommodation, restaurant & bars, employee safety, and waste disposal. The Kiribati vaccination program forecasts 20% of the nation’s population to receive their second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine by the end of August 2021

North & South Tarawa hotels were the first to undergo the 2 days training, and participants are now certified to conduct COVID-19 safety for their respective employees. TAK will deliver the same training for tourism operators in Abaiang and Kiritimati in the coming days whilst training for the rest of the Gilbert and Line islands is scheduled for later in the year.

The program is funded through the Economic Recovery Grant of the US Embassy in Suva, Fiji, and is co-managed by TAK and KCCI.

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