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Roots Tourism: Can it buoy Rome’s economy after COVID-19?

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The Farnesina is also attentive to the phenomenon that stimulates work, that is, monitoring the economic segment of Roots Tourism and trying to conceive initiatives and institutional actions to support it – a reality that could be precious for the relaunch of the country at the end of the pandemic.

Fiorello Primi, President of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy Association,” expressed satisfaction that this type of tourism has entered the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan). Primi highlighted how currently 315 Italian villages out of about 900 visited in recent years have been admitted to the association; this is to underline the quality level required to be part of this excellence.

Primi, however, highlighted difficulties in small villages relating to the recovery of homes and, for example, access to tools such as the so-called “eco-bonus” for practical, bureaucratic, and legislative reasons. In this regard, De Vita noted that the issue of adapting infrastructures, which concerns the recovery of the areas of built-up areas, the transport system, and the professional qualification itself, certainly plays a central role.

“With the master of tourism of the roots,” added De Vita, “We are witnessing the rise of new professions that must be recognized in order to be able to operate in the territories.” Saverio Lamiranda, President of the Terre di Aristeo Association for Rural Tourism, recalled the tragedy of the depopulation of the villages, especially in areas such as Lucania.

“We must make our territories become tourist destinations,” explained Lamiranda, hoping for a possible restart of tourism starting from Lucanians abroad. He also highlighted the need to make Lucanians abroad become active citizens for the regeneration of villages through the creation of virtual squares.

Giovanna Giordano, President of Comites de Montréal, spoke of several young people who want to return to their places of origin, told in the stories told by their grandparents. “It would be important to create such a table with young people to understand more why they do not return, what are the difficulties?”  Giordano noted underlining both the strong closeness of young people to their villages of origin and the importance of the Palermo Seminary for the approach of the new generations.


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