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US Raptor Fighter jets from Hawaii responded to Russia’s provocation 300 miles off Hawaii’s beaches

Fighter jets scrambled to aircraft mid-way to Hawaii
Raptor fighter jets scrambled over Pacific

Three US F-22 Raptor jets were deployed Sunday, June 13, 2021, over the Pacific Ocean. The jets were launched from Hawaii’s Hickam Air Force Base.

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  1. According to the Hawaii-based Civil Beat news service, the US military responded on Sunday after detecting Russian bombers close to United States air-space300 miles off the State of Hawaii.
  2. An FAA spokesperson would not elaborate on why the fighter jets were launched, and three days after the reports all news mentioning this incident quietly disappeared from major Social media search engines.
  3. There have been no reports about any commercial flights needing help on Sunday that were headed to Hawaii, and the official version of FAA requesting assistance faded out.

U.S. military officials confirmed that the F-22’s scrambled Sunday in response to Russian bombers moving close to American air space. Although Russian warplanes did not actually enter United States Air Space in Hawaii. The US jets later returned to base.

Initially it was said that the military response was at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct an “irregular air patrol.”

2 Raptors were launched by the Indo-Pacific Command at Camp H.M. Smith to its subordinate command, Pacific Air Forces, 154th Fighter Wing, from Hickam on the island of Oahu at around 4:00 pm followed by a third Raptor about an hour later. It appears that a KC-135 Stratotanker – a refueling plane – was also used in the mission, pointing to the fact that an aircraft may have needed refueling assistance.

The issue, which no agency, airline, or military representative has explained in detail, was resolved and the 3 Raptors and the KC-125 Stratotanker returned back to Hickam Airforce base on the Island of Oahu.

When questioned, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor only stated, “We have a close working relationship with the military.” The Air Force has F-22s, pilots, maintainers, and weapons crews on call 24 hours a day at Hickam to respond to air threats to the Hawaiian islands as part of an air defense alert mission.

The truth came out days later when mysteriously major search engines deleted queries to articles covering this incident.

What really happened was that Russia had conducted the largest navy exercise in the Pacific Ocean since World War II – perhaps to open the floor for the Biden-Putin meeting in Geneva. The exercise was conducted only 300 to 500 miles from Hawaii’s sunny beaches.

A week earlier Russia scrambled a MiG-31 fighter jet to accompany a U.S. military plane over the Barents, RIA news agency reported citing a Russian navy statement.

Russian military said the U.S. plane was identified as a P-8A Poseidon aircraft and the Russian fighter jet was returned to its base as soon as the U.S. plane made a U-turn and pulled away from the Russian border, according to RIA.

The Barents Sea is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean, located off the northern coasts of Norway and Russia and divided between Norwegian and Russian territorial waters,

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