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The passing away of Satya Prakash Dutt on April 27, 2021, known to the large number of his friends and admirers as “Speedy,” removes from the scene a colorful professional from the travel industry, who had a wide range of interests.

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  1. Former senior official for Air India passes due to COVID-19.
  2. S. P. Dutt was instrumental in organizing “Know India” seminars in many parts of the world to promote tourism along with the Department of Tourism and other tourism and travel stakeholders.
  3. He will be remembered most for was his wit, humor, and simplicity.

As an Air India senior official, Satya Prakash Dutt knew everything about aviation and also about technology and science, which were his other interests. S.P. Dutt had completed his MS from New York University in Applied Science and was also a Senior Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). His passion for tourism and his pride in Air India was well-known.

After his long stint with Air India, he launched Intermedia to list travel news from far and near. As a service to the industry and reflecting his own love, he mailed the newsletter to some 80,000 travel, tourism, and aviation professionals.

But perhaps beyond Air India, what he will be remembered most for was his wit, humor, and simplicity. Always ready with an infectious smile, he had something good to say about everyone, and he was very proud of his two daughters, Barkha and Bahar, who have carved a place for themselves in the media and environmental and ecology sectors.

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