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WTTC Summit pre-opening press conference in Cancun is not ready for questions

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The world of travel and tourism is looking to Cancun for answers. On Monday and Tuesday WTTC will conduct its first summit. There are big expectations. Can they be delivered?

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  1. Cancun is in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo.
  2. At the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, the World of Tourism is currently coming together to attend the World Travel and Tourism Council Summit.
  3. There were many questions and no answers at today’s pre-opening press conference.

WTTC CEO Gloria Guevara and Quintana Roo Governor Carlo Joaquin asked the media to attend a press conference in room A at the Moon Palace convention center on Sunday at 11.00 am. Journalists showed up on time and in great numbers waiting to get answers on how the WTTC summit could become a trendsetter in putting the global travel sector back on track. The conference started about an hour late, and journalists were waiting to ask questions.

How can this summit be more than just interesting presentations from sponsors like Global Rescue or Saudi Arabia Tourism? This is a chance, and it should be expected for policymakers to exchange solutions provided by the private sector. WTTC claims to represent this private sector.

At today’s press event it was revealed that tourism went down about 50% worldwide. The governor thanked WTTC and WTTC thanked the governor..

Other questions were left unanswered. Journalists received a colorful book on Cancun but were not given an opportunity to ask questions.

Everyone entering the room had to have his or her temperature checked. Chairs were 6 feet apart, but when Gloria and the Governor left the event, social distancing was no longer an issue. No security was in place to keep aggressive journalists apart and give the WTTC CEO and the Governor space to leave the room.

The excitement of a physical event about relaunching the tourism industry was too big. WTTC must be credited to pull this summit off against all odds.

The next two days will show, and eTurboNews will Livestream the event on all eTN websites on Monday and Tuesday.

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