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Tips to help lodging providers prepare for return of travel

Target the Right Traveler 

With travel motivations and preferences varying by age, and even geography, lodging providers should develop targeted offers or promotions that appeal to different generations. Although pandemic travel has been driven by a variety of reasons – the leading ones being change of scenery or to see family or friends – advantageous travel is especially popular with younger generations and may inspire future trips. Additionally, younger generations are expected to be at the forefront of driving accommodation demand back to pre-pandemic levels, so lodging providers should consider their role in short-term marketing strategies and look at targeting other generations with longer-lead messaging or offers.   

  • 20% of millennials who traveled during the pandemic did so to take advantage of deals and savings.  
  • 15% of Gen Z traveled during the pandemic to work or study from a new location. 

To reach younger generations, lodging providers should highlight special deals or discounts, or promotions tied to remote work/study programs, while family-friendly packages may appeal to the silent generation. Gen X and baby boomers may be more inspired by scenic accommodations, so visually stunning landscapes or outdoor environments should be front and center in campaigns targeting these travelers.   

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