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Five-star resorts fly COVID positive guests home on private jet

Get Sick. Get Home. This is the guarantee COVAC GLOBAL gives to those traveling to a growing list of five star resorts. GLOBAL now added Domestic COVID-19 Repatriation Without Hospitalization to its Global Membership Program

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  1. Getting infected by COVID-19 in a hotel or resort even with no symptoms is not a reason to stop travel back home when on vacation. This is true, if you are staying in participating five-star resorts.
  2. The Tyrall Club, Jade Mountain, Hermitage Bay, Cap Maison, Baoase, Chileno Bay Resort, Esperanza, Malliouhana, Bucuti & Tara, ANI, Nicuz, Secret Bay, Exceptional Villa, Falcone Fone, and Round Hill among others will put you safely on a private jet home if you were tested positive while staying in a member hotel or resort.
  3. COVAC GLOBAL, is currently the leading provider of pandemic medical-related evacuation.

COVAC GLOBAL, the first fully-indemnified COVID-19 membership program that “gets you home when traveling without hospitalization” has now added domestic US travel to their product services. This follows the tremendously successful launch of COVAC GLOBAL in August 2020 which was designed for US travelers for abroad travel only at the outbreak of the pandemic. Now one year later, with business and leisure travel well back on the radar, US residents traveling domestically more than 300 miles from home can now travel with confidence knowing that if they should contract COVID-19 while traveling in the US, as well as abroad, COVAC GLOBAL will arrange and pay for a private aircraft to transport them back to their home city. The company is true to its motto “Get Sick. Get Home.”

Additionally, COVAC GLOBAL, has partnered with five-star hotels around the world who offer the membership to their guests. The list includes such fine resorts as:

The Tyrall Club in Jamaica for example takes the worry away to be stranded after a positive COVID-19 test. Here is what to expect when booking Tyrall Club.

COVAC GLOBAL, is the first and only COVID-19 evacuation solution that will arrange and pay for private transport back home should you test positive for COVID-19 while traveling. COVAC GLOBAL‘s game changing membership does not require any hospitalization for transport to be triggered. While ALL other evacuation memberships and insurance coverage require you to be hospitalized or require that it be medically necessary to transport you back home, COVAC GLOBAL will get you home at the first onset of COVID-19. 

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