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Surprise! EU-bound Brits will need new passports after ‘no-deal Brexit’

Surprise! EU-bound Brits will need new passports after ‘no-deal Brexit’

If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union with no deal on October 31, British citizens planning on traveling to EU later this year may have no other option but to renew their passports this week.

UK travelers with current passports may not be able to fly to EU immediately after Brexit, because some passports will not be accepted for travel to Schengen Area countries such as Italy and Spain.

British travelers would be subject to existing rules for visitors from non-EU countries that require passports to have been issued within the past 10 years and have at least six months’ validity left on the day of travel.

Until recently, UK citizens who renewed their passport before it had expired had any remaining validity added to the validity of the new passport, up to a maximum of nine months.

But after a no-deal Brexit, any period beyond 10 years, will not be valid for travel to Schengen Area countries.

The UK Passport Office advises applicants that renewals can take up to three weeks, meaning holidaymakers and others must apply this week if planning to travel immediately after Brexit.

If more information about an application is required, the UK Passport Office may take even longer.

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