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A Global Tourism Discussion African Style

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African Tourism Board

Today, hosted an African Tourism Board meet and greet event of new members. The discussion also went behind the scenes to see what’s new in African tourism.

The meeting began with the Chairman of the African Tourism Board, Cuthbert Ncube, who started by saying that most in the travel and tourism industry have been knocked down by the COVID-19 pandemic, he himself having recently recuperated from the coronavirus. He said, “Despite having taken 5 steps backwards, here we are still standing, and launching a gradual positive response towards a recovery in most countries. We are seeing an activation of travel and opening of borders, which is an indication that travel is one of the most important sectors in our spheres of economies.”

He added that especially in Africa transparency has not been forthcoming from most governments. There is a reluctance of cooperation and a lack of excitement especially towards the vaccine. He said, “The African Tourism Board strongly believes that the vaccines have helped to eradicate some of the worst diseases on Earth, and there is no doubt most immunization campaigns will surely save lives.”

Further into the meeting new members of the African Tourism Board were introduced. You can meet them here:

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