A new shade of green for travelers on the Emerald Isle


There is a new handbook on the market to green travel in Ireland – ecoescape: Ireland. Written by Irish travel writer Catherine Mack, this new guide follows the recent successful launch of ecoescape: UK.

In this groundbreaking book, Catherine gives a personal insight into her top 50 ecoescapes around the country which she has visited over the last six months. Full of practical details, including a Slow Travel Toolkit, ecoescape: Ireland helps travelers find ways to responsible escapism closer to home, and provides international visitors greener options for their travels around Ireland, both North and South.

Eco-travel begins at home. Which is why ecoescape promotes travel in the UK and Ireland. Here tourism businesses, including hotels and attractions, are cutting emissions, sourcing locally, generating their own energy, moving off-grid and encouraging travelers and visitors to do the same. Through the books and ecoescape’s website, ecoescape provides a platform for Irish businesses to shout about what they do and to connect ecoescapers to the changes that are making the world a greener place.

ecoescape: Ireland offers insight into the people behind the green businesses. “I wanted to make a guidebook to share the stories of great people who are, quite simply, trying to make a difference,” says author Catherine Mack. “They are striving to make a living out of Irish tourism but taking responsibility for the impact it might have locally.”

ecoescape promotes slow travel. This involves using our cars less and avoiding flying. Instead we take the train, the bus or the boat and use our bikes and our legs more. Each ecoescape book includes a Slow Travel Toolkit which shows the reader how to enjoy traveling slowly and, in the process, discover a new way of taking a holiday. The author traveled slowly and has included details of her cycle, bus and rail routes so readers can do the same. There are also practical tips on how to travel sustainably to Ireland from the UK using the ferry.

As ecoescape: Ireland covers the island of Ireland, North and South, it also explores the concept of cross-border tourism in a country that has, in the past, been divided by conflict. Catherine Mack explains, “If you are visiting Ireland, you will quickly discover that natural beauty such as the Mourne Mountain range does not stop at the border.”