Australian outbound tourism is alive and well


Australian outbound tourism is alive and well according to recent national figures.

Highlighting tourism’s resilience, the news is also a pat on the back for the strong Australian dollar, which made it possible for Aussies to buy cheap international airfares and spend a total of 132 million nights out of the country between July 2010 and July 2011.

The report, released by Tourism Research Australia, cited the most popular international destinations in descending order as: New Zealand, the USA and Canada, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

The figures also highlighted a sharp increase in the total number of Australians taking overseas holidays – more than nine per cent when compared with travellers in 2010.

Australians have their priorities in order as the most popular reason for travelling out of the country was to go on a holiday, 57%, followed by visiting family and friends at 23%.

Business travel came in a close third at 19%, which was an increase of 6.5%; underlining the number of opportunities Australians are taking to travel overseas.