A sustainable train of thought


Train travel is getting the green thumbs up as an eco-travel alternative to driving and flying. Rocky Mountaineer Vacations is one luxury train experience on track to reducing its carbon footprint. The company has a long history of environmental commitment and has undergone a rigorous environmental audit, set tough targets for improvement, and set up a regular process for reporting back on its progress. Passionate about water conversation and recycling, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations has set a target to reduce its waste by 50 percent by the end of the 2009 operating season. In addition, cutting-edge technology has been installed on all its locomotives, significantly reducing idling time.

This translates into lower fuel consumption and exhaust emissions and less noise pollution. Next stop: expansion of plans to recycle all meal trays in Rocky Mountaineer RedLeaf Service, exploration of composting on the train and the testing and monitoring of the effectiveness of “green” locomotive technologies. And the big one? Dreams of becoming the first passenger rail service in North America to operate a hybrid locomotive.

For more details on Rocky Mountaineer Vacations’ environmental, as well as social and economic commitments to its guests and the communities it travels through please visit www.rockymountaineer.com