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Visit the Old City of Jerusalem Today and Virtually

Written by The Media Line

Walking the old town of Jerusalem is a trip most won’t forget. Since COVID-19 is closing the world, this visit is available virtually.

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  1. World Tourism Network supports Virtual Tourism
  2. Jerusalem invites the Old City virtually
  3. Virtual tours on zoom helps local tour guides to survive the crisis

Talk with a guide through 5,000 years of history in a 1-hour virtual tour of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The boutique tour of Amazing Jerusalem is ranked as the #1 experience in Israel. We hope to offer it to you soon again. Until then, you can join our virtual tour.

On this tour, you will experience Jerusalem’s holy sites while viewing photospheres, animations, aerial images and drone pictures besides of unique lookout views that you cannot have even on a real tour.

You will be visiting:

  • Mount of Olives lookout
  • City Citadel lookout
  • The Wailing Wall
  • Temple Mount (Including Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque)
  • Holy Sepulcher Church

This itinerary covers the holiest sites for the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam and shows the connection between the sites the 1 square kilometer walled city of Old Jerusalem.

Virtual guided tour – nice overview of Jerusalem’s Old City. Amit organized a very nice and very well organized presentation of the old city. He made sure we were getting well situated geographically on maps and models; he came back regularly to the timeline to help us navigate the city history and provided nice explanations for the significance of the different sites for the different religions. It was a very nice virtual overview of the city.

Great “tours” of Israel! I have taken three of these virtual tours of Israel, and they are wonderful! It is a nice respite to “travel” during the time of corona. … My tour guides have been Amit and Dorit–both of whom are very knowledgeable about the region and the history of Israel, and who make the tour come alive! They answer, and encourage, any questions, are friendly, and the tours are well paced. I plan to take more!”

Jerusalem brought to life – recommend this. This was a virtual tour on Zoom tonight. Amit was an amazing guide with so much knowledge. I’ve been on a couple of tours and I am leading one next year, and the information I gleaned tonight was very helpful. He was very clear in his explanations of where the churches were and the significance of the areas in Jerusalem, as well as the Biblical references . Great hour spent!

The tour is available through Trip Advisor.

The World Tourism Network started an Interest Group for Virtual Tourism and a group to support tourism guides.
Together with The World Federation of Tourist Guide Association WTN and Rebuilding Travel is inviting to a global virtual celebration on February 15.

More information go to

The Media Line contributed to this article.

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