Adventure Eco Villas Tobago


Greetings from Tobago on this beautiful full moon night. By twelve midnight the trees will all have shadows

Our Solar Water heater System operator’s hot water for our laundry and our smaller apartment called Coco’s. Our heating bill has been subsequently reduced.

I am a member of Environment Tobago and from time to time I write environmental articles in the newspapers under a fictitious name. I make my guest aware in conversation of the good work Environment Tobago is doing with saving the turtles and the environment at large.

I encourage Organic farming by my encounters with nearly every one I meet especially Tobago backyard gardeners and traditional farmers in the area (who are mostly organic farmers themselves) of the dangers of chemicals and the long term damage it can do to the environment. In all our advertising material you will see that we touch on the importance of saving the environment and planet earth. The Agricultural Department are fully aware that we are an organic farm and they in turn are pushing this now to some degree with other farmers. It’s always a battle as plant shops like to sell the various chemicals which are banned in many developed countries. It’s just a matter of expressing my concern constantly. Presently, I am using the example of Guadeloupe and Martinique whose ground water is now contaminated from two chemicals that they used in the cultivation of bananas since the early 1970’s. Ground water on these two islands are now no longer safe for drinking according to articles I have researched.

Our Tropical gardens were originally started by my father Angus Mackay (no deceased) A good man who stared and Loved Adventure Farm. We have a garden three seated bench dedicated to him in our Tropical gardens. It was his intention to have every fruit tree at this farm that grows on the island, which we did at one time. However, over the years we have lost some to bush fires on about three occasions after replanting. During the rainy season we plant new trees. The gardens are separated into different sections. Fore example: Mangoes, Then the various types of citrus, then plumbs and other mixed fruit trees in smaller numbers and the different types of bananas. Also there are the other types of trees such as Mahogany, Sammanan, etc and lots of different shrubs and ornamentals in the tropical gardens, then there is the more forested area and another area just kept in bush to encourage the various types of wild life, birds, iguanas, opossums, etc. The areas are named: The Enchanted Orchards, The Garden of Inspiration, Whispering Lane, and Mot Mot Park Sunset Ridge Trail. Sunset Ridge look out… You just walk through the gardens and Nature Reserve. Some sections are flat and the forested section is hilly. Many of the trees have adopted signs with a message on them under the Heading Nature Watch. I will attach a copy of one. We have a lot of termites in this type of environment, so the signs have to be constantly changed. This is all a labour of love.
I got interested in the environment as a young boy reading my dads National Geographic magazines. I remember being captivated by the articles on the discovery of new Amerindian tribes in South America the 50’s. I am now 57 years young.
One of our adventure eco Villas is named: Blue tanager and the other Blue Crowned Mot. Both beautiful birds that frequent here.

I hope the above is of some assistance and that I did not rattle on to much about my love for nature.

Ean and Marion Mackay