Turin and Krakow in competition to be named capital of European Sports 2015


ITALY (eTN) – Piero Gnudi, the Italian Minister for Regional Affairs, Sport and Tourism, was recently in Turin to support the new bet that the city is playing in the field of major sport events. For Turin, it is in fact the ultimate challenge to win the award title of European Capital of Sport 2015, against its rival Polish city, Krakow.

The Minister, fully convinced of the validity of the Torino project, stated he is prepared to give his loyal support, and said, without hiding behind the evidence, he faces the core Olympic Games – Rome: “It was not the time for such choices, [referring to Prime Minister Monti’s decision to cancel the Rome competition in order to host the Olympic Games 2020] but this does not mean that the government does not nourish attention to the sport, which, indeed, is a key element in society.”

This opens today, for Turin, a new period of competition, but also the occasion to launch initiatives and events that make tourism grow. The year 2015 is also an important year, which coincides with the Expo in Milan. “It is necessary that, in 2015,” added Minister Gnudi, “Turin and Milan are synergistic and, more importantly, begin a new sports tourism.”

The official candidature of the city of Turin is on its way to reach the desks of the EU in May. The final verdict is expected on November 7, 2012.