Carbon Capital Markets to offset 2008 Business Travel Show Dubai carbon emissions


DUBAI – The Business Travel Show Dubai has signed an agreement to offset its carbon emissions with Carbon Capital Markets, a leading carbon trader and fund manager. This is the second year that Dubai Travel Show and Carbon Capital Markets have worked together to offset the show’s carbon footprint.

Carbon Capital Markets CEO Lionel Fretz said, “We are delighted to be working with the Business Travel Show Dubai again. The extension of this program highlights the role that offsetting can play in minimizing the environmental impact that commercial activities can have. At the same time, it also shows our part in assisting Dubai’s pledge in contributing to international efforts in combatting environmental challenges.”

Sally Maltby, Event Director of the Business Travel Show, said, “The Business Travel Show Dubai is delighted to be working with Carbon Capital Markets again this year to build a greener future. We hope we will raise awareness of climate change responsibilities in the run up to and during the show. The Business Travel Show Dubai is committed to looking at ways to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting emissions wherever possible and offsetting those emissions that remain unavoidable.”

Emissions to be offset will include those generated by the venue building, courtesy diesel buses used to transport delegates to and from the desert car parking area, the speaker/moderators’ personal travel to and from the show, and event staff. Visitors and exhibitors at the show will also be encouraged to offset their own travel.

Carbon Capital Markets will retire Kyoto compliant carbon credits known as Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) to offset The Business Travel Show Dubai’s carbon emissions. CERs are quality offsets which meet stringent criteria, and can be sold in the compliance and voluntary offsetting markets. The issued CERs are sourced from a United Nations approved CDM renewable energy and forest preservation project in the Amazonas, Brazil.

Carbon Capital Markets intends that this collaboration will help facilitate future procurement goals in the United Arab Emirates as well as strengthen Carbon Capital Markets’ presence in the Middle East’s voluntary and investor markets.