German press arrives in Seychelles


A group of ten members of the German press landed in Seychelles yesterday (Monday) just ahead of the official launch of the island’s 2012 Carnaval International de Victoria. The group of German press is in the Seychelles as part of the support for the carnival in Seychelles by DERTOUR, the big German tour operator.

This year, the carnival is jointly being organized by Seychelles and La Reunion. Both these islands form part of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands and both value the German market for their respective tourism industries. Seychelles and La Reunion are both recording increases in visitor arrival numbers from Germany.

It must be noted that Germany also has a 54-member delegation from the Dusseldorf Carnival arriving in Seychelles this week to be part of the carnival procession on Saturday, March 3.

Seychelles is seeing carnival delegations arrive by every plane landing this week at the International Airport of these mid-ocean islands. Their annual carnival is set for March 2-4.