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Connoisseurs of fine dining are currently being taken on a heavenly journey as the Abu Dhabi opened its kitchens to some of the world’s best chefs.

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Connoisseurs of fine dining are currently being taken on a heavenly journey as the Abu Dhabi opened its kitchens to some of the world’s best chefs. The Gourmet Abu Dhabi, a lifestyle gastronomic extravaganza, featuring a start-studded cast of Michelin-star chefs, special guests, free master classes, industry insights from hospitality experts, and chateau and gourmet dinners hosted by a range of rich emirate’s top hotels, was inaugurated today (Friday)at the chic Yas hotel on the Yas Island, the multi-use entertainment destination spanning 2,500 hectares.

An official of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, the event organizer, said that the second edition of the Abu Dhabi Gourmet will set the region’s gastronomic bar. Peter Knipp of the Gourmet Abu Dhabi organizing committee, said, “We are taking the event to a whole new level with some of the celebrated chefs being assembled here. This event has already made its mark in the international scene, as evidenced with the ability to attract some of the finest echelons of the culinary world.”

The 15-day event will cater to the phalanx of tastes, including vegetarian, with chefs from Turkey, Lebanon, and Japan, besides European culinarians, expanding the educational and cultural impact of the event.

On the Menu
Among the high-profile master chefs is Bob Blumer from Canada, who is known for TV series Glutton for Punishment and The Surreal Gourmet. The celebrity chef will be treating diners on February 7 at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Yas Island while making a demo at the surreal masterclass at the Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel.

Among others are three-star Michelin chef Alain Passard, the proprietor of the famous L’Arpege restaurant in Paris, which focuses entirely on vegetarian cuisine after meat was eliminated from the menu in 2001, and the Japanese-American celebrity chef Roy Yamaguchi who is the face of the TV show, Hawaii cooks. Then there are many big names like Alfonso Iaccarino and Andrea Berton, both from Italy; Claude Bosi and David Thompson from the UK; Greg Doyle and Grant King from Australia; Heinz Winkler from Germany; Joe Barza from Lebanon; Mehmet Gok from Turkey; Suzanne Tracht from the US; Tam Kwok Fung from Macau; and Vineet Bhatia from the UK.

For sweet-toothed gastronomes, master patissiers like Carles Mampel (Spain), Frederic Bau (France), and Vincent Bourdin (Singapore), will rustle up delightful pastries and desserts.

Among the special guest chefs are Charlie Trotter, Dieter Kaufmann, and Paco Roncero.

The Events
The Gourmet Abu Dhabi kicked off with a gala opening at Yas Island offering a glimpse of the 15-day long gastronomic extravaganza. The line-up of events include “A Surreal Evening with Bob Blumer” on February 7 at Crowne Plaza; Bob Blumer Surreal Masterclass on February 8 at the Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel; Gourmet Safari at different hotels on February 8; Chef’s Table Luncheon at Shangri-La (Qaryat Al Beri) on February 9; Royal Dinner at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi on February 9; the Kitchen Party at Intercontinental on February 9; Barista and Mixologist masterclass on February 12 at Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel; Industry Forum – Gastronomic Discovery at Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel on February 13; Chocolate and Pastry workshop Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel on February 14; and the Arabian Feast on February 14 at the Shangri-La (Qaryat Al Beri).

So, what do you think? Just grab the opportunity and make a meal of it! The fest concludes on February 19.

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