Thai Airways to upgrade its internet technology


Thai Airways (THAI) announced that it has selected BMC Software to transform its IT organization in efforts to enhance its IT division’s operations, efficiency, and most importantly, its customer experience and services.

Continuous service quality improvements have helped maintain THAI’s market leadership in the airlines industry, but at the same time, it also places heavy demands on THAI’s IT division.

“Continuous service improvements, high availability and lower costs is a tough combination,” said Captain Sopit Pokasoowan, THAI’s Vice President, Aviation Resources Development Department, and Acting Vice President, Information Technology Services Department.

THAI’s customer service department manages 10,000 customer inquiries, which requires hours of manual follow-up and unstructured troubleshooting to address service incidents and problems.

“It was costly and made managing the incident lifecycle unwieldy,” Captain Sopit said. “Automation is the answer to managing these underlying processes. We love people, but in these environments the speed and accuracy of automated management is unrivaled.”

“This is the start of a strategic IT re-orientation to link hands with business service priorities, using systems management to detect root causes and fix them before they impact our customers,” Captain Sopit said. “The ultimate measure of our team’s performance is from the outside in – from the customer’s point of view. We now have the framework to out perform customer expectations, which will help keep them flying with THAI.”

“The cost efficiencies that Business Service Management and Service Automation solutions can offer to a business is significant, but the contribution and improvements it can offer to the overall customer services a business provides is paramount, particularly for businesses that are distinguished by superior services,” said Chip Salyards, WW Director of Sales, Service Assurance Solutions BMC Software, Inc. “As the leading provider of Business Service Management and Service Automation solutions, we are committed to ensuring our customers’ IT organizations, like THAI, not only supports the business, but is a strategic advantage delivering the highest levels of service quality and cost savings.”