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Which cloth masks are the best face mask?

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dony reusable and antibacterial
dony reusable and antibacterial

DONY Reusable and Antibacterial Face Mask Launches in Europe after Increased Demanded for Eco-Friendly Civilian Masks

DONY MASK – premium Covid antibacterial cloth face mask (washable, reusable) with CE, FDA, TUV Reach, DGA Certification

Dony Mask full information

Face masks can prevent coronavirus transmission and save lives. There are many types that confuse users: N99, N95, Disposable surgical, Antibacterial cloth,…

We are proud to launch this protective face mask that is not a standard cloth mask. The Dony Mask offers unbelievable protection from COVID-19, and other viruses, and it is very comfortable to wear.”

— Henry Pham, CEO of Dony Garment

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A preliminary analysis of 194 countries found that places, where masks weren’t recommended, saw a 55% weekly increase in coronavirus deaths per capita after their first case was reported, compared with 7% in countries with cultures or guidelines supporting mask-wearing.

But not all masks confer equal levels of protection. So, which is the best face mask?

Two medical-grade masks, N99 and N95
Two medical-grade masks N99 and N55 are the most effective at filtering viral particles. An N95 mask made by 3M. There’s a reason agencies recommend reserving N99 and N95 masks for healthcare workers first: Both seal tightly around the nose and mouth so that very few viral particles can seep in or out.

They also contain tangled fibers to filter airborne pathogens.

The research found that N99 masks reduced the risk of infection by 94% to 99% after 20 minutes of exposure in a highly contaminated environment. For detail, N95 masks protect effectively because of their minimum 95% efficiency at filtering aerosols.

Another recent study also determined that N95 masks offered better protection than surgical masks.

Disposable surgical masks
Being made of nonwoven fabric, surgical masks are usually the safest option for healthcare workers who do not have access to an N99 or N95 mask.

Surgical masks reduced the transmission of multiple human coronaviruses (though the research did not include this new one, officially called SARS-CoV-2) through both respiratory droplets and smaller aerosols.

In general, surgical masks are about three times as effective at blocking virus-containing aerosols as homemade face masks. But healthcare workers should still have access to them first.

Antibacterial cloth masks
If you are not healthcare workers or doctors working in hospitals, you will not have to wear N95, N99, or surgical masks. Wearing an antibacterial cloth mask is protective enough for you.

Unlike two previous types of face masks, antibacterial cloth masks are fabric treated by the method of bringing antibacterial substances to the surface of the fabric in different ways: soaking, coating or spraying, etc. 90% of bacteria after 1 hour of exposure and reduce to 60-70% after some washing.

Quality antibacterial cloth masks can be disinfected after 10 – 30 washings or more depending on the type of antibacterial substance used.

These antibacterial cloth masks are made of multiple layers of cloth to physically protect consumers from the spread of respiratory droplets and splashes. Especially, there is often anti-bacterial fabric among the layers to stop viruses and bacteria from penetrating.

Dony 3-Ply Antibacterial Mask – a highly recommending cloth face mask: sterilized, nanotechnology (against SARS-CoV-2, Anti Coronavirus), and extremely comfortable.

Professional process of producing
Dony cloth face masks are produced under the closed procedure Packing – Sealing – Sterilization. Therefore, our products meet all of the requirements of high-quality masks.

Dony Mask is also packed in medical packaging and be sterilized with E.O gas technology used for Medical Supplies. E.O gas has the ability to penetrate the tiniest of pathways and destroy all kinds of bacteria and viruses. This technology is currently being used in sterilizing a broad variety of materials like medical devices, masks, and work-wear uniforms.

Extraordinary filtration efficiency
Each Dony antibacterial cloth face mask consists of three layers – so they comply with the CDC’s guidelines for face masks: an outer layer, middle layer, and inner layer which is able to hinder micro-bacteria as well as fine particles and meet the standards recommended by the Ministry of Health in Vietnam.

It is able to prevent 99.9% of bacteria from entering through the products after 60 times washes, outweigh other competitors in the current market

Although Dony Mask is made of cloth, it can prevent droplets from clinging to the mask, which will limit viral infection.
Closely fit and breathable design
Dony Mask actually possesses a close fit and breathable design. It helps users feel comfortable when wearing Dony Mask for a long time.

This is thanks to its soft nose bridge, elastic cord, and outstanding breathing resistance (mmH2O) at 1.8 (an excellent level).

Its strap could extend 270 percent of its original length, which reduces the discomfort for users when wearing the mask for a long time.

Certified by much prestigious organization
Dony Mask has gained various certificates for its quality:

+ FDA Certification for products exported to the US. market.
+ ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
+ C.E. Certification (Conformité Européenne)
+ Certification of chemical safety (TUV Reach)
+ Aseptic inspection certificate
+ Global Intertek inspection certificate about 100% waterproof (this is a maximum level), UV resistance at 99.95% (Equivalent to high-class sun cream),
+ DGA certification (certified by French Ministry of Armed Forces): Dony Mask can resist NCovid up to 99% at the 1st use.

Since they’re machine washable, Dony Mask can re-use again and again—the antimicrobial coating lasts up to 60 washes still has an antibacterial effect of over 99%.

Dony Mask is supplying globally by wholesale, bulk, and branded (Custom Logo / Label / OEM – ODM):
The Dony Mask is available in a variety of colors and for bulk orders. It has 3-layers of protection that are well-thought-out in design and comfort. These layers filter out dust, germs, and bacteria. The Dony Mask designs are also unisex.
Additionally, Dony provides distribution for B2B purposes and even exclusive partnerships. The company can provide free samples, trial orders, wholesale orders, bulk orders, and custom orders with branding opportunities for logos and labels. Businesses can either use the branding opportunities for use from their employees or create merchandise for their customers or fans to buy.

“We are proud to launch this protective face mask that is not an ordinary mask. We have designed it with care and added all efforts to make it maximum valuable and protective for our customers. We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, an affordable cost, and easy to transport across the world,” said Henry Pham, CEO of Dony Garment.

Dony Mask has Exclusive Distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Malaysia, UAE, Canada.

DONY MASK: The Covid-19 Mask – Premium Cloth Face Mask Manufacturer (washable/reusable, specialized,Nano-silver-biotech, against SARS-CoV-2 – Anti Coronavirus

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