Ryanair plans legal action against French Confederation General de Travail


DUBLIN, Ireland: Budget airline Ryanair said Monday it intends to file legal proceedings in France against a trade union, seeking damages for losses suffered during strikes in May.

The airline said it would seek compensation from the Confederation General de Travail because of incidents at Carcassonne Airport in the south of France on May 24-26.

In one case, the airline said a fueler decided to strike as an aircraft approached, forcing the Ryanair flight to divert to Perpignan.

“This type of anarchy highlights the flagrant disregard which the union’s members have for the traveling public in Carcassonne,” said Michael Cawley, the airline’s deputy CEO.

“Prior to Ryanair arriving at Carcassonne Airport seven years ago there were no passengers at (this) airport. Consequently, there was no employment for many of these union members who now mistakenly believe that they can simply walk off the job with no notice and thereby strand hundreds of passengers at the airport.”