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U.S. Marine says Yoga Mat Saved Him From Anxiety i

peter m lucas balancing b e e
peter m lucas balancing b e e

Author and Poet, Peter M. Lucas

When the aspects of your being are focused in one balanced direction, the universe conspires in your favor.”

— Peter M. Lucas

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Embraced to create a sense of equilibrium, a man with a military background has written his first book to move others to reach for yoga and meditation to transform anger into inspiration. Entitled, “Poetic Balance” the book is a result of author and poet, Peter M. Lucas’ journey to tap into yogic inspiration whenever it strikes. Thankfully for readers, his process began on a yoga mat while attempting to free himself from a life of anxiety and anger. The author said he needed to get out of his own way and find balance in order to remain open to the source of healing.

In an excerpt from a chapter called, “Why Poetry” he states, that he can’t really take credit for the poetry that flows through him – he seems to simply channel it from some other place or source. Although he is grateful for being a medium of the divine, it is honestly a little annoying. Regardless of the process, Mr. Lucas has tapped into the source and invites his readers to draw their own interpretations through poetry and art.

Poetic Balance features twenty-one original poems with accompanying illustrations that inspire the reader to reflect on the emotions that are experienced behind the words. “Twenty-one was not a random number. In the Yogic Sciences and Christianity, the number twenty-one holds special meaning.” Mr. Lucas invites readers to a 21-day Sadhana or period of reflection and introspection. Accompanying the book is a guide called “Balanced Journaling”. This ‘how-to’ journal is the perfect companion piece for anyone who wants to improve their ability to express their thoughts and emotions and tap into the subconscious. Mr. Lucas cites the extensive scientific research that shows journaling can lead to better sleep, a stronger immune system, more self-confidence, and a higher I.Q.

Mr. Lucas stated that poetry within itself is an abbreviated aspect of expression. He explains that his job is to pour out his emotions on paper. The reader’s job is to see their reflection in the words. The Journal is used to express that reflection in a healthy way. He explains that this combination provides an equilibrium of healing “bringing the unconscious to the conscious.”

Balancing B.E.E.M.S. is a customized growth program designed to assist in reaching the ultimate potential. “When the aspects of your being are focused in one balanced direction, the universe conspires in your favor.” – Peter M. Lucas

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About Peter M. Lucas:
Peter M. Lucas is a U.S. Marine, Mentor, Coach, Poet, and Author. His first book is entitled, “Poetic Balance.”

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