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Dr. Thomas Maloney Joins Skyre

dr thomas maloney
dr thomas maloney

Dr. Thomas Maloney, VP Technology, SKYRE

Dr. Maloney has joined the team as Skyre’s first Vice President of Technology

Skyre’s advanced hydrogen and carbon dioxide conversion systems hold the promise of lowering the cost of hydrogen implementation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Tom will help make it a reality.”
Dr. Trent Molter, CEO

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Dr. Thomas Maloney has been into electrochemical power and energy storage systems since the beginning of his career. He is an executive level technologist who brings thought leadership and over 30 years experience in alternative energy and advanced manufacturing technologies for military, aerospace and commercial applications. As Skyre’s VP, Tom leads applied research and development activities aimed at near-term commercialization, including hydrogen energy conversion technologies, carbon dioxide capture and conversion, and advanced design.

While Dr. Maloney brings decades of experience in hydrogen fuel cells and electrochemical power systems, as well as advanced manufacturing technologies, he also brings leadership and new perspective to Skyre.

“While I am just another person who knows fuel cells, I am also very eager to meld energy technologies with the cross-industry sector manufacturing technologies in which I have engaged over the past decade.” Says Tom. “I want to bring to Skyre’s products, some analogous innovations in design from other industries. With advanced manufacturing know-how, we have the capability to manufacture some crazy cool products – having cost and performance advantages – that we probably couldn’t in the past.”

Dr. Maloney has honed his skills over the years, drawing from an extensive array of experiences. While at Proton Energy Systems, he worked on designing and manufacturing hydrogen generation and fueling systems. Later at United Technologies, he was the Technical Lead for a 100+ person team that developed a fuel cell powerplant for the Spanish Navy S-80 submarine. He then went on to lead a $75M USAF initiative to develop and insert advanced manufacturing technologies into the American supply chain as well as lead a $20M Department of Defense program for deriving clean liquid fuels from coal, biomass and waste feed sources.

“Dr. Maloney is joining Skyre at the perfect time, as our industry has reached a tipping point – experiencing new highs for carbon energy investment of over USD 500 billion, while shares of clean energy companies jumped nearly 150% just in the last year.” Says Skyre CEO, Dr. Trent Molter. “Tom’s vision and leadership, combined with his vast experience, will no doubt play an important role in propelling Skyre to the next level.

Skyre’s advanced hydrogen and carbon dioxide conversion systems hold the promise of significantly lowering the cost of hydrogen implementation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and Dr. Maloney is excited to contribute to making that promise a near-term reality – starting with spearheading the execution of Skyre’s technology roadmap. “My decision to join Skyre wasn’t just about the commercial end-use or it being a space technology, which relates to my roots. It’s also things like the application of the technology for CO2 mitigation and transformation into useable chemicals and fuels.” Says Tom.

“The world is confronted with some extraordinary challenges and I want a way to contribute to the solutions. With a stated mission of catalyzing a paradigm shift in the way that the world uses energy – Skyre seems positioned better than anybody to take off in all those directions.”

Dr. Maloney earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Ohio State University and master’s and doctorate degrees in Chemical Engineering from Cleveland State University.

About SKYRE: SKYRE uses a proven, patented electrochemical technology to build innovative clean energy products that deliver breakthrough efficiency and are socially responsible. SKYRE’s products create economic opportunity for companies and contribute to global environmental sustainability by solving some of the world’s most challenging and pressing resource and energy problems.


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