Movement to save Hawaiian culture, burials and sacred sites


HONOLULU, Hawaii – Anyone in Hawaii who has picked up a local newspaper or attended a recent Ewa Oahu Community Association meeting (or possibly another association meeting on another island) has either read or heard about ongoing efforts to save the ancient Hawaiian culture, burials, and sacred sites (in essence, the Hawaiian history) from ruthless developers, individuals, and careless federal, state, and county regulators.

Many vocal recordings, testimony, and legal documents with exhibits, have been submitted to the Hawaii Courts in the islands, since the late 1900s. Mike Lee, an active Hawaiian cultural expert has said, “Saving our ancient Hawaiian culture, burials, and sacred sites in Hawaii is very critical and timely, because once they are destroyed, they are lost forever.” He is right, and the “Save Hawaiian Culture, Burials and Sacred Sites Movement” must not (and cannot) be just another isolated cause for the people of Hawaii.

The islands of Hawaii are not known for numerous or large gatherings of people to protest anything. Instead, Hawaii is a beautiful, quiet, and tranquil mecca for people who live, work, and play in harmony. However, again, as Mike Lee points out, “Many developers and opportunists, with government officials looking the other way, are recklessly and blatantly abusing the Hawaii land system for their own gains – big time, and for decades. Using giant bulldozers and machines, they have moved fast and destroyed artifacts, burials, and sacred sites throughout the islands – all for greed, progress, and the mighty dollar.”

The core of the Save Hawaiian Culture, Burials and Sacred Sites Movement has stayed the same and is designed to remove the influence of money in business and politics. It empowers residents of Hawaii to move in one direction, and prevent further land destruction and abuse. Residents must act, reach out, and learn more about the past and present injustices that are taking place throughout the islands. They must see and realize that there are laws that work to bring change and resolution to these social and economic unlawful happenings.