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CoviPlan™ Software and Vaccine Distribution

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coviplan linen covid19 vaccine
coviplan linen covid19 vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Planning Software Highlights

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to address today’s Covid-19 Vaccine Planning headaches

LINEN’s CoviPlan™ will help distribute vaccines to achieve widespread immunity, efficiently & equitably. It’s the kind of tool every State/County should have in their toolkit now and for the future.”

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Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Planning Software Highlights

LINEN Software today announced CoviPlan™, a new cloud planning software product. CoviPlan™ empowers State, County, and Healthcare organizations to effectively plan and coordinate vaccine distribution. With CoviPlan™, organizations have an agile, organized solution for all vaccine distribution challenges and demands.

While many software companies are trying to address the last-mile problem of vaccine end-user registration, States, Counties, and other organizations need immediate solutions for planning their distribution strategies, based on multiple and changing variables.

“Lives depend on addressing every weak link in the planning and distribution chain. We cannot afford any gaps. That’s where CoviPlan™ fits in,” says Jacob Mathew, Co-Founder & CEO of LINEN Software.

Per Mary Gaffney, COO of LINEN, “The COVID-19 virus can’t be beat using a reactive vaccine distribution planning model. LINEN has examined all 50 States, current vaccine distribution failures, and the constant emerging challenges. There are provisions in the CoviPlan™ software to address these scenarios, and those that may come up in the future—including efficiency, equitability, and last-mile feedback.”

“During one of the darkest years of our nation’s most recent history, LINEN’s CoviPlan™ will help distribute the vaccines to achieve widespread immunity in an efficient and equitable manner. This is the kind of tool every State and County should have in their toolkit now and for the future,” says Dr. Vinod Chacko MD, Healthcare advisor to LINEN Software. Dr. Chacko led the implementation and optimization of the Ambulatory Epic electronic medical records roll out at Tower Health, a HCP/Payer system serving 2.5m people.

CoviPlan™ addresses the following:

• Ensures equitable vaccine distribution
• Accounts for known challenges including recalls, changing availability, rural communities without hospital networks, expired/discarded doses, location capacity constraints, storage constraints, and multiple vaccines with varying parameters
• Makes quick, accurate, and confident decisions based on vaccine availability and forecasts
• Optimizes for all recipient risk factors (case rates, death rates, comorbidity conditions)
• Uses AI/ML to manage unknowns
• Provides security and auditability

CoviPlan™ is available from Feb 2, 2021. For more information on CoviPlan™, visit https://linen.cloud/vaccineDistribution.php

About LINEN: LINEN is a Cloud Planning software company based in San Francisco, CA. The team holds decades of planning experience with leading enterprise software companies in Silicon Valley, CA.

Based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), LINEN’s Vaccine Distribution Planning Software guides State and County officials in making quick and safe decisions for vaccine distribution in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Built on the Salesforce® platform, LINEN provides secure fact and data-based capabilities for maximized accuracy. The LINEN team’s expertise focuses on designing mission-critical planning software and processes.

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