Prince Oli Joins Forces with Raz B for New Single

prince oli

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 31, 2021 / — Multitalented singer/songwriter Prince Oli has collaborated with B2K Alum Raz B for his newest single, “I’m That N#gga”. Prince Oli’s new single “I’m That N#gga” dictates his journey on finally becoming the main character in his own story. Oli has stated the single is about him becoming the main attraction and commanding the spotlight and rightfully so. Prince Oli has written songs for other artists and has even done backup vocals in the past, but now he is ready to showcase his evolution as an artist and give himself to the world through his music.

When asked how “I’m That N#gga” came together, Prince Oli shared, ” Raz B is a good friend of mine and we’ve been talking about collaborating for years. When he heard the song, his immediate reaction was, “THIS IS IT!”….the rest is history.”

“I’m That N#gga” is now available on Spotify

Check out the music video to the single “I’m That N#gga” HERE

Prince Oli released his EP, “Tales of a Hatian Prince” in March 2020 and “I’m That N#gga” is the last single/video of that project. The next single of the project, “O2” will be released in February. Prince Oli is ready to release his new project, which he says is on the brink of completion. He is excited to be putting the last finishing touches on it, but even more excited about the talent he has been able to work with like South Florida rising star JayBurna, and a few others. Prince Oli met Raz B in Shanghai, China 7 years ago. Raz showed up to Oli’s performance and showed him support. They were able to connect after the show and the rest is history. They have been in the studio together waiting for the right time to collaborate on a project. “I’m That N#gga” is their first official collaboration but Prince Oli has written for Raz B before. However, those tracks weren’t released. Just recently though, Oli has helped him record his new single, to which Oli says is “fire!”


Prince Oli was born in New York, he spent his formative years in Haiti and ultimately settled in Florida. Being exposed to such diverse environments was only to his advantage and ultimately his listeners will be the true beneficiaries of his upbringing. Countless hours singing around the house led to local performances outside of the house. Oli’s early musical lessons ran the gamut from flexing his vocal chords in the school choir, to flexing his brain muscles in music history. It was within those classes that Oli found he shared a common bond with a few other students. That bond ultimately became the group known as 4th Down. 4th Down got its start in the talent show arena and went on to win each competition that they entered. Opportunities to open for Atlanta’s own 112 and the St.Lunatics’ Murphy Lee, share a stage with Wyclef Jean,and perform at multi-platinum international star Shaggy’s Private Party,soon followed. Oli is a storyteller who sings in three languages; English, French and Creole. Oli also writes, arranges and produces his own tracks. Sought after as a songwriter, recording credits include working with The Drama King Kay Slay’s artist Papoose, Def Jam’s Rick Ross and Potzee. All the experience and opportunities with 4th Down only built Oli’s craft, allowing him to step out from the group and establish himself as the solo artist he had dreamed about being all his life.

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