Finnish tourism unveils rebranding effort


The Finnish Tourist Board (FTB) has unveiled Finland’s new brand image, and it shows rippling outlines of lake-like shapes and colors of midnight sun and pure waters.

The new image, according to the FTB, bespeaks the merits of an eco friendly country whose citizens are as passionate about pristine nature as they are about honesty and equality. “The very appeal of these qualities may be influencing an increase of US visitor totals to Finland, up 4 percent in 2007 from the year prior, and making a strong showing into 2008 despite the euro’s strength and a stagnant economy at home.”

Visit Finland’s new look, which will soon appear on collateral materials such as brochures, on its website, in promotions, etc., heralds a new era of self-definition and identification on behalf of many Finnish suppliers whose products are integrally linked with the authentic qualities and unique characteristics of the Finns.

“Visit Finland’s new brand identity takes its inspiration from the Finnish nature,” according to Finnish Tourist Board marketing coordinator Raija Lehtonen. “In its visual language one can see references of rocky banks of the Finnish archipelago, midnight sun, northern lights and the movements of water.”

Described by the FTB as a land of contrasts, Finland offers a fresh alternative to travelers seeking a European getaway with a quirky twist that is typically Finnish. “The country’s cool inhabitants are keen on Finland: incredible diversity in climate and landscapes; rich culture –from indigenous Sami to Eurovision fame; smart technology – from bio-med tools to plant genomics —and a forward thrust that never looses its footing in Mother Earth,” the tourist board said.

Authenticity rules in Finland where words like uncrowded, safety and service are givens, the Finnish Tourist Board added. “Finland offers the wilderness and indigenous environment of Lapland as well as the cosmopolitan pace of Helsinki and the idyllic beauty of the southern archipelago,” the FTB said. “:It is a country of remarkable things: Midnight sun versus Arctic winter; where ‘good design is every man’s right;’ and a population that would rather partake in the spiritual tranquility and refreshment of sauna rather than do just about anything else.”

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