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Investors Look to Song fi as Next Technology Revolution for the “Arts” and the “People”

song fi member page
song fi member page

Song fi members enjoy unlimited multi-media customization, re-invented social media, video and music hosting & editing, secure online video conferencing with learning and teaching aids and much more for the “Arts” and The “People”.

Song fi’s mobile MOS-21 Operating System integrates seamlessly with Android and IOS operating systems.

Song fi will release the “Respect and Love Manifesto” album by the Rasta Rock Opera exclusively on Song fi that Includes 53 world class musicians, with 16 Tracks and 27 musical movements when the Song fi platform debuts on March 21, 2021.

Stevie Wonder and Stevie Marco at Blues Alley in Washington D.C. discussing the Song fi Independent Arts Revolution committed to meaningful artist compensation on the Song fi Platform.

Technology for the Arts and the People

After six years of passionate and innovative development is launching its revolutionary “Multimedia Operating System MOS-21 and business model to the world on March 21st 2021”

— Stevie Marco

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / — After six years of passionate and innovative development is launching its revolutionary “Multimedia Operating System MOS-21” and business model to the world on March 21st 2021 with prelaunch beta-testing beginning February 21st 2021. Song fi is a private company seeking qualified investors to assist in funding its worldwide marketing launch that offers a ground floor equity position with the technology ready to go to market.

Song fi technology delivers a vastly improved online experience for the “Arts and the People” that does not use artificial intelligence algorithms to direct ads that follow you all over the internet, hi-jack your data and covertly influence your behavior and spending habits. “Song fi’s Multimedia Operating System known as MOS-21 poses a serious challenge to the tech monopolies through re-invented social media combined with music and video hosting, secure video conferencing and amazing new creational tools like Viddys and Musi-grams that were developed by Artists and not Silicon Valley insiders” said Song fi founder Stevie Marco.

“People think Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube are free to use, far from it” claims Marco, “There is a harmful price we all pay for these companies collecting all of our data and documenting every move we make and then repackaging “us” in the form of ads that follow us everywhere”. Song fi changes all that with a revolutionary platform that does not collect member data for advertising schemes because Song fi is an “ad free” platform supported by a member subscription model for individuals and businesses easily affordable for everyone.

The recent Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” opened everyone’s eyes to the harm the tech monopolies are forcing upon society, especially our youth, who have become addicted to likes, views, thumbs up and other ego driven human responses. Congress is now moving to break-up the big tech monopolies.

Beyond the qualified investor offering, the first 100,000 members who join Song fi will become “Profit Partners” and collectively receive 10 % of the “gross profits” of the company for life while enjoying the benefits of the platforms use. Also, Artists who publish their vetted original works on the Song fi Broadcast Network “SBN” will collectively receive 12% of the “gross revenue” generated by the company for life. Song fi members are therefore supporting a technology revolution for the Arts and the People thru modest subscription fees from vast numbers of individuals and businesses.

Song fi will be offering virtual presentations to potential investors beginning the first week of February to preview the Song fi platform and MOS-21 Multimedia Operating System. Not since Steve Jobs has such game changing multi-media and graphic interface technology been realized for worldwide use by the masses. Interested investors can respond through the information below and questions can be answered by calling the phone number to speck directly to a Song fi representative. Qualified investors can request the complete Song f business plan and financial pro forma.

Welcome to Song fi.

Stevie Marco
Song fi LLC
+1 240-432-3265
[email protected]

The Social Dilemma

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