Time to deck the lagoon at La Reunion


Father Christmas was too busy – in fact, he was so busy discovering spectacular dive sites on La Reunion, accompanied by the island’s professionals divers, it was up to Mother Christmas to distribute Christmas gifts under the sea of the warm Indian Ocean.

Distribution of Christmas gifts will begin from the foot of a Christmas tree planted in the sand seven meters under the ocean. Kids and adults were overtaken by the surprise, as no one had ever seen a Christmas scene like this before. Meanwhile, Father Christmas was busy discovering the “Banc Dore” dive site, known for its immense beauty with grottos, arches, numerous fish, and even a ship wreck.

This Christmas extravaganza was to promote scuba diving on the island of La Reunion. “If Father and Mother Christmas could enjoy a dive, it must be a message for one and all that everyone could have a go at this recreational sport,” the organizers of the event said.

The Indian Ocean island of La Reunion is reputed for its scuba diving. Visitors to the French Department of the Indian Ocean are overtaken by the dive sites of this volcanic island. The dive sites and coral reefs of La Reunion Island are listed as one of the “hot spots” of the world of biodiversity, as it houses rare species and enables visitors to the tropical island to appreciate the fragility of marine life. La Reunion island has taken a leadership role in pushing for respect of marine life and for the preservation of the sensitive ecosystem of its seas.

Dive professionals from La Reunion respect the Quality Assurance Label of IRT (La Reunion Tourism Body) that monitors the quality and security of dive excursions, which are always observed, for the enjoyment of the young and old on spectacular dives in the Indian Ocean.

More information may be found at: www.reunion.fr