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Booked on bankrupt XL Airways?

What to do if booked on bankrupt XL Airways?

XL Airways is unable to pay bills and is suspending all operations. France believes state aid to budget carrier Norwegian Air was partly to blame for the bankruptcy of Paris-based rival XL Airways and will seek EU intervention, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Sunday.

“Norwegian Air is undercutting prices while in debt and receiving public funding from Norway,” Le Maire said on LCI television, adding that support “partly explains” the difficulties that drove XL Airways into bankruptcy.

XL Airways France, formerly Star Airlines, is a French airline with its head offices on the grounds of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The airline posted on its website today:

Dear Customers,

In collaboration with the French Civil aviation authority and the administrators appointed by the relevant French Court, due to its financial difficulties, XL Airways is deeply sorry to have to announce that XL Airways is suspending its operations effective today, 30th September 2019, at 3.00 pm until, 3rd October 2019 included.

If your ticket is part of package, you should contact your travel agency and/or your tour-operator to seek out for alternative travel arrangements.

You may also contact your travel insurer if your travel is covered by an insurance.

You may also contact your credit card issuer to check if insurance coverage and/or if some refund possibilities are available.

If these solutions are not available to you, you should purchase a new ticket from another airline. Usually, in similar circumstances, preferential rates from other airlines may be available. Once you have purchased a new ticket, you must file your claim to the receiver (SELARL BALLY MJ) using the link below within 2 months as from the issuance of the French court decision.

Claim declaration form:

We apologies for the inconvenience this situation may have caused our valuable customers. Our teams are fully committed on working fully towards delivering our customers with our service.

Some airlines may decide to create « Rescue fares » for XL Airways passengers. Please note that each airline will decide on the eligibility rules so we ask that you refer to each airline’s dedicated link below :

Please note that, as a general rule, those fares are only available for XL Airways passenger who is holding a valid ticket and whose flight has been canceled.

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