Car rental rates in Honolulu almost triple for Christmas


HONOLULU, Hawaii – Travelers who are yearning to be home for the Christmas holiday in the Aloha State better make sure they have some extra cash handy. Otherwise, they might find themselves stranded on the Big Island. A recent survey compiled by has uncovered an almost triple increase in car rental rates in Honolulu, Hawaii, over the Christmas period.

Normally, renting an economy car in Hawaii costs visitors US$50 per day. Come the Christmas season, however, the cheapest daily rate will be US$147. That’s a 194 percent increase over regular rates, and it gives Honolulu the dubious distinction of leading the pack in late December car rental rates.

Indeed,the second and third place finishers, Miami and New York, lagged considerably far behind at US$111 and US$99 per day, respectively.
These rates could make it difficult to afford Christmas gifts.

Ushering out 2011 and ringing in 2012 away from home, however, doesn’t have to break the bank. In some other major US cities, car rental costs over the holidays won’t come as quite so much of a shock to the wallet. A few popular locales are even giving visitors a Christmas gift and dropping their rates.

In New Orleans and Atlanta, car rental fees at the end of December are coming in at 25 percent and 18 percent hikes, respectively. Washington DC and Dallas, however, are showing decreased costs of 6 percent and 16 percent, respectively.

The following table shows the ten cities with the most expensive car rental rates for the 2011 Christmas period. The percentage increase, based on a comparison with regular rates, is shown next to each city making the cut. The prices illustrated reflect average rates for the cheapest available car during the period spanning December 23 through December 28, 2011.

1. Honolulu: US$147 (+194%)
2. Miami US$111 (+268%)
3. New York: US$99 (+70%)
4. Boston: US$70 (+135%)
5. New Orleans: US$69 (+25%)
6. Jacksonville: US$68 (+118%)
7. Philadelphia: US$57 (+90%)
8. Orlando: US$51 (+218%)
9. San Diego: US$50 (+85%)
10. Las Vegas: US$49 (+63%)

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