Personal Spaceflight Federation to release results of new study


The Personal Spaceflight Federation (PSF) is set to announce the results of an extensive study on the personal spaceflight industry, conducted by The Tauri Group of Alexandria, Virginia. The study reveals $268 million in industry revenue in 2007, with more than 50% revenue growth from the previous year, and $1.2 billion in overall investment committed to date.

The details of the study will be released Saturday, May 31, at the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in Washington, D.C. “The study results provide a strong testament to how our industry has developed, representing significant investment and endeavors of a very dedicated group of entrepreneurs,” said Personal Spaceflight Federation Chairman Alex Tai.

The year-long study was commissioned by the Federation in 2007 to define and characterize personal spaceflight industry investment, employment, facilities, and revenue streams. The study includes the data from years 2006 and 2007, and the Federation will continue to track the personal spaceflight industry as it grows and matures in future years.

Tauri Group analysts interviewed CEOs and senior executives from a broad cross-section of Personal Spaceflight Federation companies and organizations, and performed comprehensive, supplemental external research. “This unique data set presents, for the first time, a credible and authoritative quantitative baseline for the personal spaceflight industry,” said Carissa Christensen, Managing Partner of The Tauri Group.

Noteworthy results of the study include: industry revenue of $175M for 2006 and $268M for 2007, a 53% increase; employment of 1,227 workers in the overall personal spaceflight industry; investment of $1.2 billion committed to the industry development phase, of which approximately $309 million has been spent to date; expansion to 762,100 square feet (more than 13 football fields) of facility space for development of personal spaceflight vehicles.

Investment was largely driven by individual and private equity investors, while revenue growth was attributed to government-contracted hardware development. Revenue totals included three categories of business activity: personal spaceflight services; personal spaceflight-related hardware sales, hardware development, and support services; and, non-personal spaceflight revenue of personal spaceflight organizations.

“While the U.S. personal spaceflight industry is in the investment and development stage, we believe the study shows solid beginnings for this emerging industry and tells a compelling story about the reality of personal spaceflight as a business,” commented Personal Spaceflight Federation President Bretton Alexander.