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27 Countries, 32,745 km Solar Butterfly Went on a Mission

, 27 Countries, 32,745 km Solar Butterfly Went on a Mission, eTurboNews | eTN

SolarButterfly, a solar-powered concept trailer project founded by Swiss environmental pioneer Louis Palmer finished its European tour.

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Founded by Swiss environmental pioneer Louis Palmer and his crew with assistance from LONGi, the trip spanned a total of 32,745 kilometers and 27 nations, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Along the road, the SolarButterfly team held over 210 events in collaboration with local communities, educational institutions, business groups, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). From local communities and students to industry specialists, many different types of people were interested in and engaged in discussions on climate change and the application of environmental technologies.

Due to its innovative design, the SolarButterfly trailer can transform from a trailer to a vehicle in the shape of a butterfly with its wings spread. The vehicle integrates a solar-powered trailer system with a flexible living area, increasing solar energy generation with the help of LONGi high-efficiency solar cells.

Starting in Switzerland in May 2022, the project team will travel to more than 90 countries and regions over the course of four years to meet with climate change leaders, have face-to-face discussions, and compare notes before concluding their journey in Paris in December 2025, the tenth anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The trip’s goal is to get people thinking about climate change and conservation by urging them to “look globally and act locally.”

As a pioneer in solar technology around the world, LONGi is dedicated to advancing the field of clean energy in all the capacities in which it operates.

As a SolarButterfly partner, the company supplies its proprietary high-efficiency cells and works with local partners to take part in offline events at tour stops, all in the name of spreading awareness about the benefits of solar energy and living a more sustainable, low-carbon lifestyle.

To ensure a sustainable future, LONGi will keep putting money into research and development and technological innovation for its photovoltaic products and solutions, and it will also keep working with SolarButterfly to encourage people to reduce their environmental impact by switching to green energy.

After making its way to Canada, the trailer will continue its journey around North and Central America. The SolarButterfly will travel from Canada to the United States, Mexico, and beyond, where it will continue to educate people about environmental issues.

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