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San Francisco to Honolulu in 76 days: A record paddle adventure

San Francisco to Honolulu, 76 days 75 nights. For the owner of an adventure tourism company in Madrid, a trip from San Francisco took 76 days and 75 nights. Spanish tourist Antonio De La Rosa had a long and incredible journey to the Aloha State. He didn’t fly on United Airlines but just paddled from San Francisco to Honolulu.

Tweets and media is going crazy about this story. Some comments:

Wow … How? Why? Que? Are you serious ?! I’m not sure what else to say! I’m dumbfounded by this guy’s athletic ability. It makes everything that I did over the last 76 days feel pretty insignificant.

Give the man credit. He’s shown that if the natives could paddle to Hawaii so can he. Whether you do it 10400 years ago or today he’s proven that history can repeat itself. Give the man a cigar, a boat and he’ll navigate the stars. Good work pilot.

This morning I paddled out from Kaimana Beach at 5 am into the dark, upwind to a small light off Diamond Head. I met up with Antonio De La Rosa who has been paddling the “Ocean Defender” for 76 days from sand Francisco to Hawaii. Solo, unassisted across the pacific, what an amazing feat, congratulations! He set off in San Francisco and arrived in Honolulu, at the Waikiki Yacht Club 76 days later with little sleep and more than 12 hours of paddling on most days.

It took de la Rosa, who is from Valladolid, Spain, 76 days to paddle 2,900 miles while standing on a submarine-shaped craft he described as a paddleboat. The 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long) vessel endured rough weather, including when Hurricane Flossie passed within 60 miles in his path.

He ate dehydrated food, using heated water, and sometimes fished. He paddled eight-to-10 hours daily and slept every night. But he was always tired because he woke up hourly to check on his gear.

His past adventure-vacations have included circumnavigating the 2,175 miles of the Iberian Peninsula coastline by paddle-surfing for 141 days and crossing Alaska’s Iditarod route for eight days on a bicycle with oversized tires made for snow and ice, according to his website.

He used a tracking device to record every minute of his journey and called it a record because he believes no one has ever done what he accomplished. It’s a record because “I certify it,” he said with a laugh.

He operates an adventure tourism business in Madrid and a small hotel for athletes.

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