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Hong Kong Tourism Board ignores crisis promising a hassle-free family getaway

Discover HongKong , the official website of the Hong Kong Tourism Board is promising tourists wanting to visit the Chinese territory a hassle-free family getaway and a cool summer with an array of shops, eat and play adventures throughout the city.

Instead of updating frustrated tourists and inform future visitors, the tourism suggests visitors should explore all the excitement in town and the fabulous offers with the 20th Anniversary of Quality Tourism Services. Summertime in Hong Kong is chock-full of treats, water sports, exciting events ,and amazing attractions. Don’t hesitate — make this your best summer yet, states the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

No word about what the est summer actually means when ten thousands of protesters and visitors in Hongkong are worried about to be overrun by a ready to intervene Chinese army standing by right across the border from the territory.

The only reference the HongTourism Board website provides is a statement that the airport implemented access control measures at the terminal buildings. Visitors are advised to arrive at the airport three hours before their departure time for the relevant checks.

Several thousand Hong Kong school teachers and supporters braved thunderstorms on Saturday to start a weekend of anti-government protests, despite fears that police could adopt tougher tactics to drive activists off the streets

“I am afraid it might be Tiananmen Square all over again,” said visitor and former Indian  Army Major Gaurav Arya.  The local office of the DAB on Ma Tau Wai Road – the largest pro-Beijing party in Hong Kong – was pelted with eggs on Saturday.

Another visitor told eTurboNews: “Well, you can go and see Hong Kong now. I don’t think you’d like it.”

A tweet from Hongkong says: “I am heartbroken over what is happening. The riot you are seeing right now: an organized group of ppl using violence against innocent travelers, and call that “Freedom”

At the same time also a pro-police rally is taking place.

Hong Kong Tourism Board ignores crisis promising a hassle-free family getaway

The Hong Kong Tourism board told eTurboNews:

Visitors are welcome to contact the HKTB’s Visitor Service Center and Hotline for any assistance required.

A spokesperson of the Hong Kong Tourism board who didn’t want to named told eTN: Preliminary figures show a double-digit decline in the number of visitor arrivals in the second half of July, leading to a fall in total arrivals for the month.  Also, the travel trade has reported that the number of future bookings in August and September has dropped significantly.

Tourism is vulnerable to a combination of factors including macro-economic environment, currency exchange rates, socio-economic situation, among the others. HKTB will continue to closely monitor the situation.

This was all the Tourism Board was allowed to say.: “If you have further questions not covered in the statement above, you may want to contact the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office Head of Public Relations.

Hong Kong Tourism Board had not issued a press release since July.

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