New CEO for Air Uganda


UGANDA (eTN) – Hugh Fraser, Air Uganda’s (U7) Chief Executive, is reportedly set to leave the airline at the end of October. His main achievement during his time at U7 was to return the carrier to “level keel” and bring it into calmer waters, following multiple management changes in key positions during the first one-and-a-half years of Air Uganda’s operation. Inexplicably MD 87s were introduced by an Italian management, which failed to appreciate the ability of the market to absorb these aircraft, thought too large to fly with any chance of breaking even. Hugh, on his arrival, swiftly returned to implement the initial strategic plan. Stung by substantial losses, the principals of U7 eventually consented to bring 2 CRJ200 into the fleet, keeping just one of the twice as large MD 87s as a backup aircraft and to serve the route to Juba on most traffic days.

Hugh also restored friendly relations with the travel agents community and returned to a cordial working relationship with the Ugandan regulators, which had suffered somewhat from what was at times described as “abrasive and confrontational style” by the initially largely Italian managers.

New in the apparently hottest airline seat across East Africa is Mr. Kayle Haywood who joins Air Uganda from Air Arabia and has previous experience with Gulf Air and British Airways.