Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre welcomes new expansion plans


The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre welcomed plans by the New South Wales government for an expanded redevelopment of Sydney’s events facilities.

Centre Chief Executive Ton van Amerongen said the decision to extend the scope of redevelopment presented exciting prospects for Sydney’s events sector.

“We now have the opportunity to not only extend but also redevelop our existing venues to give Sydney new world-class facilities and a more vibrant events precinct,” Mr. van Amerongen said.

Having initially focused on the site of the existing Sydney Entertainment Centre and adjoining car park, the government has now called for proposals from the private sector to redevelop a much greater precinct of 12 hectares, including the site of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The expanded site has been named the Sydney International Convention, Exhibition, and Entertainment Precinct and is intended to provide Australia’s largest and most sophisticated event facilities.

Construction would be completed by 2016, resulting in exhibition space of at least 40,000 square meters and flexible plenary spaces with a combined capacity of at least 10,000 delegates. Facilities would also cater to sporting, musical, and theatrical events for at least 12,000 people.

Mr. van Amerongen said the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre and the neighboring Sydney Entertainment Centre would continue to operate in the meantime and remained committed to existing customers and the success of their events.

“The government has made clear that its preferred approach will fulfill all obligations to forward bookings,” Mr. van Amerongen said, “It is encouraging the private sector to provide return proposals that will include staging strategies that would allow events to continue throughout the redevelopment phase.

“We will continue to offer the high standard of facilities, technology, and services that have made us Australia’s leading events venues,” he said.

Private developers have been given six weeks to submit proposals for the site. Details of the government’s announcement and invitation for expressions of interest are available at .