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Sad details on 7 more who died in one of Hawaii’s worst plane crashes

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A Skydiving adventure turned deadly on Friday in Honolulu, when eleven people were killed. Today, the Honolulu Medical Examiner’s Office released the names of 7 of the 11 victims that died on Friday, June 21 in this horrific crash of a skydiving plane that went down at Dillingham Airfield on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators, the plane flipped shortly after takeoff and crashed with a fiery explosion. The Medical Examiner’s Office said there were 10 men and one woman on board. Medical Examiner Dr. Christopher Happy will release the identities of the 4 remaining victims once they have been confirmed.

Michael Martin, 32. Larry Lemaster and Cassey Williamson were working for Oahu Parachute Center and eTN had released more in a previous article.

Lt. Joshua Drablos, 27, U.S. military member stationed in Hawaii, Virginia resident  Lt. Joshua Drablos, who is originally from Forest, according to his Navy men’s track and field bio. He belonged to the Kunia Cyber Mission Force since late 2018 except for a few months when he was a student at the Naval War College. His small home town in Virginia  has a population of less than 10,000 and in a census-designated place in Bedford and Campbell counties in the U.S. state of Virginia.


Joshua Drablos,

Joshua Drablos,27

Nikolas Glebov, 28 was a visitor from  St. Paul, Minnesota,  Tourists Ashley Weikel, 26, Colorado Springs, Bryan Weikel, 27,  from Colorado Springs,


Bryan and Ashley Weikel were celebrating their first wedding anniversary on the island when the plane they were riding for skydiving crashed.

Bryan Weikel’s mother, Kathy Weikel-Gerk, and his siblings, Kenneth Reed and Adrienne Keller, told CBS4 in Colorado, the couple was ecstatic to go skydiving on their anniversary trip.

They wanted to go so bad,” Weikel-Gerk said. “I begged him to not go skydiving. I begged him not to go.”

The family saw pictures and video on social media from the young couple, last posted at Dillingham Airfield. “Bryan, on his Snapchat, had posted a video of the plane pulling up to get them. That was the last thing they (posted),” Weikel-Gerk said. Reed said he texted his brother multiple times in the minutes, and hours, that followed their scheduled jump time. However, after 15 hours without a response, he grew worried. Reed said he got online and Googled skydiving in Hawaii.

The family added the coroner in Oahu was unable to confirm the identities of the deceased from the crash at the time this story was published, however, they were confident their loved ones were on the plane. They sent dental records to Hawaii for use in the confirmation process. “They didn’t do anything without each other. So, the way they went, it was the way it was supposed to go,” Reed told Colorado media.


Daniel Herndon, 35 was a Skydiving Instructor at Oahu Parachute Center , he was a Videographer, Coach, AFF Instructor, IAD Instructor, Tandem Instructor, and occasionally Tandem or sport rig packer. at Skydive Airtight , studied  Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State University and Mechanical engineering at Tulsa Community College He went to Wagoner High School  orginial from Wegoner, Oklahoma living in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

 Jordan Tehero 23, Hawaii resident from Kauai and a U.S. veteran, who in 2014 was stationed in Indonesia. He is a native of Kauai.

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