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British Airways responds to demand for more flights from Italy to US


British Airways, thanks to its partnership with American Airlines, added three direct flights from Italy to its US offer: New York-Malpensa, New York-Rome Fiumicino, and Milan Malpensa-Miami.

“In defining the new routes, we have paid particular attention to Miami and New York City which are confirmed among the preferences of Italians and present typically American cultures and landscapes. Moreover, thanks to the partnership with American Airlines, we have expanded the network that allows us to connect over 160 cities in Europe with over 240 cities in the United States, with obvious benefits also for Italian travelers,” underlined Paolo De Renzis, Commercial Manager, Europe, Corporate Sales, British Airways.

In addition, on the occasion of the insertion of new routes in the US, the British Airways airline commissioned Eumetra MR Srl to carry out research on a sample of over 1,500 respondents to find out the profile of the Italian traveler and the interest in expanding their own horizons towards the United States.

Although New York, California, and Florida maintain the podium of the most-visited places, in the first 6 positions there are also the natural parks and deserts of the south as well as the east and west coasts with itinerant journeys.

Among the main motivations that would induce respondents to “pack and go,” there are in fact the opportunity to travel on the road (87%, of which 91% are between 25-34 years) to the discovery of “real America” with a great spirit for adventure and natural parks.

The favorite “green” destinations are the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Hawaii. A good positioning also exists with regard to Yellowstone Park, Monument Valley, and the territories linked to Indian culture.

The “Top Cities” are confirmed in order of preference: New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, followed by Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Washington. “The American dream is still strong and alive in the Italians, so with the new routes we want to give a further opportunity to embark on a journey to the United States that has always been dreamed of and not yet realized,” underlined De Renzis.

“The survey shows interest in making trips on the road [and] for this, the new routes touch for example Charleston and Pittsburgh.”

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