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“Eid Season” in Saudi Arabia attracts 5 million visitors in 5 days

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“Eid Season” in Saudi Arabia attracted 5 million visitors in 5 days. This year’s season was featured by hosting more than 350 events and 900 shows in 90 cities across the Kingdom. Including 57 events with high standards in 5 cities (Riyadh, Dammam, Taif, Medina and Alahsa).

In the same time, number of visitors from outside the targeted cities hosting the events has reached about 23% of the number of total visitors, indicating season success in attracting the largest number of all segments of society, in order to increase families’ spending on culture and entertainment inside the Kingdom.

Based on numbers “Eid Cities” were the most attractive sites for visitors as stage and music shows topped the best-selling list of tickets, especially plays of star Tariq Al Ali “Antar Al Mofaltar” and Egyptian star Mohammed Saad play “On Stanley Bridge” in addition to the stunning music show “From Sixteen Till Now”. Also, concerts of Arab stars from KSA, Gulf and the Arab world, including Arab Artist Mohammed Abdo, Gulf Musician Rabah Saqr and the distinguished singer Angham.

“Eid season” has also shown a proven higher turnout at Eid various activities and events through significant social media interactions, engagement rate exceeded 14 million with more than 900 million impressions, while the total followers of Eid Season accounts on social media hit more than 175,000 in very short period
Official Eid Season Social accounts became an attracting and engaging to their interesting posts & tweets that conveyed street pulse and “This Eid” campaign joy, in addition to interactive posts and distribution of a large number of valuable gifts. Such accounts have provided also important information for visitors about events and shows locations, timing and content scattered everywhere, through Eid infographic, video and songs. Also “Eid season” launched website and application to share information about all Eid festivals, number of visitors for season’s website exceeded 1.2 million visits.

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