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Window or aisle? Where most people prefer to sit on a plane

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When it comes to where you sit on a plane, location matters. So, which is it? Window seat, aisle seat or even the middle seat? Thomas Cook Airlines decided to find out.

A poll of 2,000 travellers has revealed that the window seat is the most popular, with 61% favouring it when flying. A third (31%) said that the aisle seat was their preferred choice, while only 2% said that they liked the middle seat.

Why flyers prefer the window seat

83% of those who picked the window seat did so for the incredible views that can be enjoyed on the flight – 64% even said they would be prepared to pay extra to secure their desired window seat.

Other reasons were because of being less likely to be disturbed (44%) and being able to sleep more comfortably (38%).

When it comes to the reasons why people prefer the aisle seat, 73% of respondents said it was because they liked being able to leave their seat with ease.

Top views from the window seat

With the window seat a clear favourite, Thomas Cook Airlines decided to dig a little deeper into the views that its customers can enjoy, and who better to ask than some of its most experienced pilots, who get to enjoy close to 100 hours a month in the air?

The 8 most scenic flight paths as voted by Thomas Cook Airlines pilots are:

1. Manchester Airport – Enfidha-Hammamet Airport (Enfidha, Tunisia): The Alps
2. Manchester Airport ¬– McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, US): Grand Canyon, Las Vegas Strip
3. London Gatwick – Cape Town International: Table Mountain
4. London Stansted – Skiathos International Airport: Croatian coast, Greek islands
5. Manchester Airport – San Francisco International Airport: Greenland, Golden Gate Bridge
6. Manchester Airport– LaGuardia Airport (New York, US) Manhattan Island
7. London Stansted – Oslo Airport Norwegian fjords, Aurora Borealis
8. London Gatwick – Orlando International Airport: Kennedy Space Center, London Skyline

These flight routes offer a range of breath-taking views that can be seen from as high as 38,000ft.

Victoria McCarthy, First Officer at Thomas Cook Airlines says, “As pilots, we are lucky to have the best office window in the world, so when we take our customers on holiday, we try to use the PA as much as we can to let them know what they can actually see out of the window – not just the routing information. It might be an incredible view of Venice, or the Alps – I never take it for granted, so it’s important to me that everyone enjoys the whole flying experience.”

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