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Tivoli exhibition open to tourists this summer: Eva vs. Eva


At Villa d’Este in Tivoli, an exhibition was inaugurated and dedicated to the dual value of the feminine in the Western imagination, entitled Eva vs. Eva. The event is organized in collaboration between the Villa Adriana Institute and Villa d’Este – Villae, the National Roman Museum, and the Archaeological Park of Pompeii. The exhibition closes November 1, 2019, so plenty of time for tourists to add this to their itinerary.

The ambivalent spirit of women – from a reassuring symbol of motherhood to the ambiguous force of nature – characterizes the entire initiative. The apparent dichotomy inherent in the project idea is expressed in two distinct, complementary, and contiguous paths involving 2 locations of the Villae: the noble floor of Villa d’Este and the Antiquarium of the Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore.

From classical forms to contemporary suggestions, in a continuous narrative echo, the exhibition intends to restore depth and versatility to female figures that history, the collective imagination, and interpretation have flattened into a role or a stereotype.

“This complex project, articulated around the fascination of the female figure, is supported,” declared the director of the Villae, Andrea Bruciati, “by the collaboration with excellences of the national museum reality, such as the National Roman Museum and the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.”

The will is to generate new connections and knowledge experiences through a polyphonic and composite narrative which unfolds, with multiple transversal suggestions, from the beginnings of humanity to the gender revolution of the 20th century.

“The exhibition, continued Daniela Porro, director of the National Roman Museum, “allows us to grasp the many different aspects of the female universe, beyond stereotypes, through mythical and evocative figures such as the wise Penelope, the indomitable Medea, the bewitching Sirene, and then Livia, Agrippina, Giulia Domna – exceptional protagonists of Roman imperial history.

“The exhibition, commissioned and curated by my predecessor, Massimo Osanna,” concluded Alfonsina Russo, acting director of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, “contributes to the story of the fascination and generative force that characterize the female sphere, very well represented by the Pompeian findings, especially in its everyday dimension.

“It is, therefore, possible to admire masterpieces of the National Roman Museum, the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, and Villa Adriana, gathered in a single narrative path, but also of numerous other institutions, and private lenders who generously contributed to the construction of a project by the imaginative direction and choral,” concluded Osanna.

The exhibition is accompanied by a small bibliographic and documentary center dedicated to women and to the status of women in history, created at the site of the Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore thanks to the collaboration with the Casa delle Donne Association Lucha y Siesta and with the Municipal Library of Tivoli.

The entire organization is managed by the CET – the European Tourism Culture and Entertainment Center – and has the support of the Lazio Region, Lazio Crea, and Intesa San Paolo. The exhibition guide and catalog, edited by Andrea Bruciati, Massimo Osanna, and Daniela Porro, are published by Gangemi.Information.

The baptism of the Rose Circuit itinerary: “In the name of the rose”

At the same time, the Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este – Villae Institute hosted the Baptism of the Rose, a symbolic ceremony that sanctioned the participation of Villa d’Este in the itinerant circuit In behalf of the Rose, conceived over 15 years ago by Grandi Giardini Italiani, (large Italian Gardens).

This is an opportunity to learn about or rediscover important collections of ancient and modern roses at the time of their maximum flowering, between April and June.

In Tivoli, in the imposing garden that surrounds Villa d’Este, a UNESCO World Heritage site, more than 250 varieties of roses are cultivated, many of which are in great evidence while others are more discreet than the most important itineraries.

A new hybrid was planted, belonging to the Thea hybrid family, a large-flowered rose with an upright habit, dense and dark green foliage, and is very resistant to diseases.

The flowers are carried on single stems in raised beds, which open slowly in double and large corollas. The color changes from a velvety red in bud to a crimson hue as the flower opens. The perfume is particularly intense, characterized by typical fragrances of Rosa damascena, (the Rose of Damascus) with an addition of fruity notes; the height is around 70-90 cm. The variety has a great capacity to flourish until late autumn.

“The garden of Villa d’Este,” said the director of the Villae, Andrea Bruciati, “opens up in corners where the flower essences seasonally dominate the rigor of evergreen hedges. Roses suggest a different, synesthetic tour, to which is added a new prestigious hybrid.

The baptism of the Rose celebrates the belonging of Villa d’Este to the circuit of the Great Italian Gardens, which includes prestigious realities for botanical, aesthetic, and artistic importance.

The event was attended by Judith Wade, CEO of Grandi Giardini Italiani, and Vittorio Barni, RoseBarni Srl Marketing Manager. Info: [email protected]

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