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One of Italy’s most interesting tourist events: The Romantic Night


There is great excitement for the arrival of the fourth edition of the Romantic Night in the most beautiful villages of Italy, which will take place on Saturday, June 22, following the summer solstice, by the Association of Borghi.

La Notte Romantica, a national event organized by the Association, which last year scored great success and great public participation, registering around 1 million visitors, has in just 3 years proved to be one of the most interesting events in the panorama of tourist-cultural events and entertainment in Italy .

The administrations, the local offices, and the associations of the various municipalities are working diligently on the organization of the event, each to propose their own personal interpretation of the evening – always in line with the basic format indicated by the National Association.

Go ahead, then, to creativity and imagination, to celebrate love and romance in a magical evening, where the public can rediscover itself “romantic” in the atmosphere of the Italian Borghi.

From the Valle d’Aosta to Sicily, all the villages will be lit by candlelight and will offer a rich program of initiatives and events through theatre, music, dance, cinema, exhibitions, various competitions, and much more. Love and romance will be represented and celebrated in squares, palaces, and in the streets of the Borghi.

Two characteristic and unifying moments will be tastings of desserts in the restaurants of the “Pensiero d’amore” created especially for the event by the starred chef Donato Episcopo from Follina (Treviso city), and the now long-awaited midnight kiss, crowned by the launch in the sky of thousands of balloons, to seal the success of an event that succeeds every year to go beyond the most optimistic expectations.

The event format: Candlelit villages

Theme tasting menus organized by the various restaurants, wine bars, and wine cellars, along with thematic visits, concerts and dances, exhibitions, shows, various animations, cinematographic projections, fireworks, a midnight kiss, and a launch of balloons. A preview of Romantic Night will take place on June 21 on the occasion of European Music Day, the Borghi will make a preview of the Notte Romantica, with musical initiatives dedicated to love and romance.

Dessert dedicated to the event in 2019 will be the “Pensiero d’Amore,” created by the starred chef Donato Episcopo (La Corte Gourmet – Follina of Treviso city. The dessert will be offered in all the Borghi restaurants that will organize the Romantic Night.

This year there will be a new initiative with singles being invited to celebrate the Romantic Night – not just for those already romantically involved. And that’s why it has been decided to  include in the format the organization of events dedicated to those in search of a soul mate!

Two initiatives are proposed to organize socialization mini-events for singles during the Romantic Night: social walking – walks or visits to stay together in a different way, involving single men and women, spending time together to socialize and at the same time discover the treasures of the Borghi; and a social game – a treasure hunt or a team game featuring singles, to have fun, socialize, and “live the village.”

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