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New India government urged to tackle employment through tourism

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There is much hope and expectation from the just re-elected Modi Government in India. Industry leaders feel that the new government must give attention to rationalization of the goods and services tax, as pointed out by Rajendera Kumar, veteran hotelier and former President of FHRAI (Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India) and the northern India association. Kumar pointed out that priority should be given to doing business with ease.

Ajay Bakaya, Managing Director (MD) of Sarovar Hotels, hoped that now there will be a focus on the hospitality industry, which has been lacking for some years.

Mukesh Goel, MD of Oriental Travels, pointed out that there must be consistent policy on tourism, adding that the industry is ideal for much-required job creation.

This view, that the job creation role of tourism is vital, is shared by many who feel that the just-concluded five-year term of the government did not do enough to tackle the employment issue through tourism.

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