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SaintLucia president Dr. Peter Tarlow just finished his first fact-finding assignment on the Island of Saint Lucia.

He says: “Today we bring our Saint Lucia journey to an end.  It has been a wonderful experience, where I was able to go beyond the superficial and begin to peer deep into the nation’s soul.  One of the ways that we “see” the “soul of a place” is in the way it treats its foreign guests.  How we treat others tells us a great deal about ourselves.  In Saint Lucia, it is not uncommon for two locals to bring a spirited discussion to a halt, with a smile help a visitor, and then go back to their argument. Here the visitor is to be treated like royalty, and only after attending to the visitor is their time for a local dispute

I see this caring for the foreign visitor in a myriad of ways. For example, during the last few days, I have been working in the town of Soufriere. Just outside of the city are two of the world’s amazing sister-hotels: Jade Mountain and the Anse Chastanet hotel.  Both hotels are architectural wonders, jewels that mix naturally with luxury. and both find unique ways to bring the outdoors indoors.

The hotels’ architecture, as beautiful as it is, is merely the store’s façade. The real story is in the hundreds of men and women who daily go well beyond the call-of-duty to turn a vacation stay into an almost spiritual eternal experience. One sees their sense of caring and joie de vivre whenever one turns: in their smiles, in the encouragement given to a first time snorkeler, the pride of creating a gastronomic delight, and the care given to make each guest feel like royalty.

Dr. Peter Tarlow

These acts of kindness do not mean that Saint Lucia, despite its name, is only composed of saints.  It is not.  Just as in any location, this island nation has its good and not-so-good people, its industrious and less industrious people, but we judge a place not by the exceptions, but by the norm.

We might state that these attitudes are this nation’s true mountains.  The physical beauty of the Pitons is a gift of God, the spirit that sores, connecting human beings, reflects the nation’s true spirit. We shall miss not only Saint Lucia’s magnificent topography, and our hotel’s architectural delights, but most importantly the smiles that reflect the spirit of its people.  Adieu for now to Saint Lucia and it’s citizens. ” provides Visitor surety meaning

  • The providing of a safe and secure environment for visitors and for those who work in its visitor industry
  • Protection of tourism sites and infrastructure
  • Perceptions, including how these perceptions impact its reputation
  • The Protection of the economy vis-à-vis its tourism industry


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