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Do I need a VPN on my phone when traveling abroad?

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The internet has quickly become an essential component of human civilization, and it is more of a necessity now. The global users of the internet are estimated to be at 3.9 billion. It is crucial for information, entertainment and service delivery. With access to the net, you should get an exciting experience. However, some limitations hinder the use of the internet as intended by developers. Security and content limitations are a significant downside. Necessity being the mother of invention, there are tools to ensure that the freedom that developers intended remains a reality. The virtual private network is transforming internet access for good. VPN secures your online activity from snooping, interference and restrictions.

Long before, traveling abroad meant cutting off internet activities either due to censorship or security concerns. Whether you are off on a business trip or vacation, you need your devices to access the internet for a lively and memorable travel session. Guaranteed full access to the web irrespective of your location will assure you of getting informed on the go and continue executing your online duties. It is all safely possible to maintain an active online presence when you are traveling abroad with the aid of VPN services. You can readily access the various contents beyond your jurisdictions without fears of infringement. Therefore, VPN should be atop your packing list when you travel abroad.

What it means to travel abroad without VPN powered phone

Communication connects the world, and you can catch up with your family from any part of the world using the internet. To connect to the internet, one has to connect to an internet service provider before accessing the web. Therefore, every data that is transmitted from either end has to pass through the ISP, and usually, this information can easily be accessed by people from various angles. The WPA2 security mechanism that is inbuilt in most devices doesn’t guarantee the complete security of data and identity.

Getting online alone regardless of your location puts you at risk since the online world is full of malicious activities. Your data can be compromised and accounts frozen in a flash whenever one access your data from internet activities. The situation gets worse when you go beyond your borders since data privacy regulations vary from one country to another. What is illegal in your country may be legal in the other. When traveling today, you are likely to get access to the internet either through the public Wi-Fi in the various airlines or specific internet service provider. It will only be resourceful when you can follow up on your favorite content from anywhere that you travel. However, geographical censorships may not allow you to follow valuable content when you are abroad. Traveling abroad with a smartphone that lacks VPN is a security risk that also confines.

Reasons why you should have a VPN when traveling abroad

In this era, VPNs are essential for any online activity. They provide freedom to access all that you may desire and secure the environment for you to guarantee optimal protection. VPNs get even more critical when you travel abroad since vulnerability increases. Following are the reasons why you need the top 10 VPNs when you plan to go on a vacation abroad.

1.      You need to keep updated with your favorite content which may be blocked

Government censorship is a significant hindrance to internet freedom. They may have their valid reasons for such acts, but sometimes they don’t just hold water. You will have certain websites, for instance, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter blocked or restricted in given countries. These websites offer extensive information and entertainment that you can’t afford to miss. When traveling to Asian countries, you will appreciate that the popular sites that are vital in daily use have access limited. VPN is the savior that will help you access your desired articles and news from anywhere in the globe. All you got to do is to select a country that allows access to the website. As such, you will be able to break the barriers and access the sites that are blocked in China.

2.      Stay safe and secure when you travel abroad

You expect to get free Wi-Fi when you travel, and this is an expectation that everyone waits to exploit thoroughly. We all love free Wi-Fi. However, we need to answer whether it is safe for use. When on the public Wi-Fi, your information is available to the public just like the Wi-Fi you are using. Many governments in a bid to secure online environment have given guidelines regarding the use of public internet. However, these may not be sufficient. It would help if you made an effort to secure the online activities yourself. You stand to lose a lot in case of a cyber-attack that is more imminent with the free net. The best VPNs will encrypt your passwords, credit card data, and emails making them useless to the hackers. They can’t use it to harm you.

3.      Secure your internet privacy

Internet activities can sometimes land you on the wrong side of the law. There are countries where governments scrutinize online activities. When you are traveling abroad, you need to have the freedom to access and use the internet without any limitation. With the VPNs, you can use the internet without leaving a digital footprint that can be used to peg you down. With a VPN installed in your phone, you can be sure that the internet service provider cannot use your data in a way that invades on your privacy. The personal conversations should remain, and that is what VPN does for you.

4.      Avoid location-based price discrimination

Internet data is useful to a business decision that is why ISPs trade such information to third-parties. They not only use it to target their adverts but also in determining prices which is discriminatory. You will get a better price when you use a VPN to set particular locations that are more favored. Sometimes the developing world gets such privileges. You can exploit this opportunity using VPN to get cheaper flights and hotels.

Yes, it would be best if you had a VPN on your phone when you travel abroad lest you get limited and vulnerable.

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